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Something I have noticed is that although there is a few NSFW item and skin mods out there [mainly Ceepert’s Fatify, Maisen’s BodyBlend and Future of Heresy mods, RuneFox’s SuspiciousTentacle, and some small thicc mods out there, there is not much WG content supported. Of course given that Risk of Rain 2 is a fairly difficult game to mod given all the work you have to go through (3D modeling, coding, asset ripping and packing, etc.) it is to be expected but I thought it would be good to try getting some WG content out there. Given the amount of discussion out there for such a thing there is a substantial amount of demand and there are plenty of other ideas that could potentially be implemented besides just that.

Main Ideas:

  • Make more skins with BodyBlend (at the moment it is just a Loader and Artificer skin that work with it; Maisen also posted a guide on how to apply BodyBlend to a skin)
  • Perhaps patching existing items to cause cosmetic growth [cough cough Bison Steak and Energy Drink]
  • New food items that increase health/armor but slow you down (saw some ideas for something like ‘Lunar Cake’ floating around)
  • An item that makes overheal more effective but slows you down
  • A cowbell that causes breast inflation and will make your character spawn healing bottles of milk (think like Remote Caffinator equipment)
  • Others to be announced

Community Mods:

  • n/a


  • As of right now there is no mods to release, for now it is purely discussion and work on them
  • I have no experience with modding RoR2, so this is more of a community mod forum than me releasing mods to folks (although I wish I could do that)

Ah right! That whole “Lunar Cake” was something I think I threw out there! That would be awesome if that were ever implemented. :3

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Agreed, I could try coding something like it but it would be kinda underwhelming without the compatabile skins to back it up. It would just be the boring parts of weight gain without any of the fun : /


Yes of course. I hope that we can eventually find some way to have it dynamically affect compatible skins to actually show weight gain. That would be awesome.


BodyBlend pretty much already does that, it’s just that again, there’s only two skins out there with it and they’re primarly used for preg stuff since they only allow belly and very little breast growth. The mod itself does not seem to be limited to just those things, but it seems like that was Maisen’s personal taste for the skins they made. Seeing some skins using BodyBlend for full body growth instead of just those would be cool and give some extra variety (also possibly being compatible with the preg items as a nice bonus).

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I have tried modifying a skin (with the maker’s approval) to at least make it compatable with BodyBlend, but again modeling and file extraction is hella hard for me given my lack of experience with both. If anyone could help out and potentially start making this place an actual mod forum instead of just suggestions that would be superb.

Also here is some relevant guides and communities:


Update: Several of the mods (including Thickify which isn’t on here) have been updated, but surprisingly no new expansion or fat mods have come out for RoR2. In general the modding scene for the game has been rather…slow at least on the less-than-SFW side of things.