Risk of Rain 2 fat mod [released]

Edit 09.06.2021:
I am happy to announce that the first version of the Fatify mod has been released.
Here is the link, if you have suggestion for features in terms of models ect feel free to drop them:


Hope this is the correct category.

I´ve been working on a mod for Risk of Rain 2 for some time that changes all female models to fat ones. Default that will include Huntress and Artificer.
I also got in contact with someone who made feminine models for other survivors so those will be added aswell.
Just wanted to post a little sneak peek here as of now.

Possible future features:
-Corrected Item Placement so no clipping happens with the fat models
-Possible Jiggle physics

Planned Charaters (default and mastery skin):
-Huntress => Done
-Artificer => Done
-Fem Commando => Done
-Fem Merc => Done
-Fem Bandit => Planned after initial release
-Fem Captian => Planned after initial release


Guess I’ve gotta go buy the game now


Im glad. Looking forward to this.

I never thought I’d try a game based solely on it having a fat mod, but hey I’ll do it.

Ya know, for fat robot asses.

By the way are all the new models for the survivors going to be about as big as Artifacer here or are they going be bigger or smaller per survivor?

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Really looking forward to this, looking great so far!

I would like to make them bigger, in some terms for some of them, but I dont know yet if the game will like that. On my first attempt with another character the belly was connected to the legs a bit in the mesh and it glitched around when walking. But I am also learning blender parallel.

Since its super easy to add another skin I could make mutliple choices of sizes if thats a wanted feature.


“her burden” integration, where it is donuts instead and adds scaled and/or changed layers of extra size onto the character?

Just putting the thought out there. I know that the actual author of that one has tried for a while to add BE to it.

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I dont quite understand what you mean, could you explain in further detail? Do you mean she getting fatter the more items she has?

I’ve heard this is a good game regardless of this mod. I’ve been meaning to grab it one of these days when its on sale.

I have zero knowledge on the modding aspect for this game, but will it be possible to tie in some game mechanics to these fat models, or is it just an asset swap?

dont know exactly I have just started modding Risk of Rain 2, would be cool to have the model get fatter the more items you have. I kinda dont think its possible but Im gonna check just in case

This is gonna be interesting to see. I don’t know much about RoR nodding, but do you think there will be issue with how items appear on the character?

@Chubberdy There will be some clipping

now the question is how will i add this to my steam version-

The mod? You can mod the steam version no problem, it needs some preparation first though, but there are great guides for this online

There actually is a way to move the items on a model, I asked some other modders on the RoR2 modding discord. But its quite complex and time consuming. I may do it once I finish all the models

Im personally not bothered by the clipping, but that would be nice. But yeah put your time towards the models first

what preperation do i need?

You need BepInEx to use any sort of mods, but its easy to install, here is a guide

After that you just put the .dll file from the mod you want into the …/Risk of Rain 2/BepInEx/plugins folder

thanks for the help comrade

so then after i just shove the mod into the plugins folder?
that seems really easy

Another Work in Progress:
Planning on doing the default skins as a “normal” ssbbw and the moonsoon skins with one proportions turned way up, like even more gigantic breasts

If you have any fun ideas for the models so they look better/sexier with little things feel free to drop them. (For example did I add a heart with a darker color ontop of this models breasts, looks pretty nice ingame and gives more definition to the curves)