Risk of Rain 2 fat mod [released]

really like the Loader master ssbbw skin, but it would only appear in low resolution, even when maxing out the graphics

The texter for MUL-T is not working. Is there a way to fix this???

I was happy to learn that there are plans to modify enemies in the future as well.

@Ceepert By the way, was there ever any idea of doing an original BBW and SSBBW character?

And there is a “Future of Heresy” mod (I think it’s known), don’t the meshes support it? Even though it’s pregnancy, I think there are only 2 skins made by the creator himself (of course, that would only complicate everything).

Enemies is technically possible, but there just isnt any documentation or good guides on how to do it, so I am waiting that someone who has the knowledge to make something like that, or a tool like there is for normal skins.
Not planning to make my own survivor, that requires alot of coding and animating. Havent coded for ROR2 mods yet and am not planning to do it.

this mod is SO GOOD! i love how every character has it’s own quirks in fatness while the captain is straight up big everywhere lol, and the mastery skin too~ lmao

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my favorite solo play mod! most are really good, but my favorites have got to be mastery commando, mastery engi, and all of void fiend. what are the chances of jiggle physics at this point?

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sadly not good, as the current setup would require a seperate mod for every skin.

ahh, i see. i also remember my only issue i have had with the mod, heretic! i know they dont have skins slots to take advantage of, but have you ever thought of modifying their model for this mod?

the fact that heretics doesnt have skins is the issue it doesnt have a fatify version. I cant use the normal way of making skins which I use. The tool doesnt support it

Oh, that’s sound sad, because I have seen some mod that allow you play as heretics without get all items to trainsform you into her.

yeah over that way it could work if I use another mod as a dependency