Risk of Rain 2 fat mod [released]

New Version out now


I have question, I know all main Survivors are getting Thicc up but what about Heretic or she abit challenging to do

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there is a selectable Heretic mod, but in terms of how the default Heretic is set up they would either need to replace the model completely or make the Heretic mod separate and require the Selectable Heretic Mod.


New Version of the mod is out, now including Multi.
Based on the Thicc-T skin which I got permission to use.



I seem to be having a problem with Artificer. The skins show up ass the default. I know about the conflict between this mod and the Thiccify mod, but i uninstalled it and it still doesn’t work.

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some other skin mods cause that for the menu option if you hit play the skin should show correctly

cant really help when something happened with other mods. But Artificer is for some reason a buggy survivor to make skins for. Make sure that the skin also doesnt apply in the actual round, might be a visual bug in the lobby

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Is the mod server side or client side? I don’t want my friends to see what I’m using, it would be a little awkward

It should be client side technically, but I’d suggest using caution just to be safe.

As long as only you have the mod can noone else see the skins.
If your mates have other skin mods installed then for them it may look like you are selecting those due to how the skins are initialized ingame

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I would be very concerned if Risk of Rain 2 somehow sent and installed files onto other peoples PCs. But no, I don’t think it would ever work like that.

is there any chance u would post the models?

Perfect! I much prefer playing with this mod as opposed to just using the base character models. Personal preference I suppose. Also, is there any chance a USSBBW version of the character could be added in the future?


Have you seen some of the skins? xD
Also going any bigger on most skins will cause too much clipping and animation issues and I like to keep those as low as possible


This mod is a blessing, love me some big gals, got it permanently activated in my mod launcher

not really. I always tried to make the models have as little clipping as possible, so any big, or even bigger belly would drastically clip into her bow/arms

Love your work on this mod, Creepert! You did a fantastic job. DO you have plans on doing more models or mods for something else in the future?

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if someone makes a tool to easily replace models of enemies then I am planning to make a second mod to fatify most enemies. But as of now that is too complicated to achieve compared to making skins.


someone get this beautiful individual that tool

This mod is so great. By any chance, do you plan on adding some futa or lactation alts to the skins?

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