Risk of Rain 2 fat mod [released]

if you where to make a “fatify the mods” version, the paladin mod already has a female version and has a lot of options for up sizing


Though about Void Field and MUL-T?

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they are both planned, I am just taking a bit of a break, focusing on other projects and stuff


Ah, all right, No need to rush. You made amazing mod.

Can you please make so that all of the survivors have fatter arms and fatter faces/heads? And also can you add something like, when you get items you get bigger. For example, commons make you big, uncommon bigger and onwards? Please answer, I really want to know! I also don’t really like when they have fat everywhere except arms and faces/heads, looks a bit fake and unrealistic. Otherwise I love this mod and expect more from you! Thanks!


Do you think at any point you could make the fatified survivors into sfm models? i wanna do posters an animations with them and photo mode in game doesn’t exactly get that dynamic


also just gotta say big fan of the mod, it feels wrong playing without it now lol


i took ur word for it and bro yeah if you know to pose photo mode can be magic


Finally started with the Void Fiend skins
Right now the final style is still in question, you can vote here if you want


i honestly say it should be more human like unless you want to go for a cellulite appearance.

Definitely a more human figure.

How do you get the mod to work? I’m using r2mod man with BelpInExPack, HookGenPatcher, R2API and Fatify but I see no difference in game. Am I doing something wrong?

only issue i have is minor visual bugs on survivor select, by chance are you using something other than r2modmanager?

Nvm it just started working… not sure what I did differently.

I Dunno if anyone already told about it but I found oddly bug with Artificer’s Ssbbw skins is her foot.


I mentioned it a while back, so it’s not just you. It’s not ‘Really’ noticeable in-game, but once you see it, it cannot be un-seen.

hello, i started playing the first game and plan to play the second one after that, what do I need fort this mod and is there inflation/weight in it or possible to add and how do I install all of that?, never modded risk of rain 2 before so thats why I am asking^^

you want thunderstore mod manager.
and you should have:
and R2API
those 3 are the baseline mods you need

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ok, will look for that, anything else?

if you get stuck look up a mod installing tutorial.