Risk of Rain 2 fat mod [released]

that’s fair, i would want to see merc just a bit smaller all around, too flab for someone doing all of those blinks

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Easily explainable with


yknow what, who’s to judge the right from wrong
i guess in the end it will have to be this way


I love this mod so much!! It simple but works!! Sniper Skin being a favorite do to her size X3

I am curious, if at somepoint (Even though it WILL looks odd and glitchly) Have the characters have one more skin but at there biggest XP

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Just curious if there is a Preview images for Acrid?

His/Her challenge to get her is not easy to do

my skins should not be locked by the vanilla achivements

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You can’t see any skins unless the character is unlocked (that I know of)

oh that, ok I thought the mastery skin was meant, yes if you do not have the survivor unlocked you wont see the skin.
I wont change that for my mod, there are ways to unlock everything with savefiles i think


Oh ok thanks, i didn’t know at first

I dont think the SizeManagerPlus works anymore, I know the photo mod has new verison idk about the Sizemangerplus

But will say we do need a new mod the helps with size increase, like make all the food items increase the size more then other items and such

it does not and I tried to fix it but found little success with setting up a mod development environment

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I see, i didnt fine another size mod but havent got around to fully test though the artifact effect on making enemies smaller is seen

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that should be interesting

I found that Zetsize broken Huntress. She can’t fire anything expect for her skills.

guys is this even related to fatify?

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It’s not directly related; it seems to be more macro and micro.

if there is a size changing mod combined with your mod it adds to the fat effect, so it’s more suggesting a mod to combine with your mod, with the focus being on boosting fatify.

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would it be possible to add enforcer from the enforcer mod to your mod?
or would that add a dependency on to fatify to have enforcer installed?


If I am doing modded survivors and fatify them, then that would be a seperate mod causes yes, fatify should not get dependencies to other mods that change the game.

Also I need the permission of the mod creator and they need to send me the model as I cannot rip it from mod dlls


understandable, that makes complete sense