Risk of Rain 2 fat mod [released]

I talked to the mod publisher the DLC update broke the mod, and they are not currently making mods for ROR2, so I am going to try and fix it for them

Railgunner skin 2/3 is not out https://twitter.com/Ceepert/status/1510765978988204037


how do you get the blender models… ive been seeing alot of ppl have the models on blender

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Update on the third railgunner skin https://twitter.com/Ceepert/status/1514772486222594052


Creating skin for vanilla characters with custom model · risk-of-thunder/R2Wiki Wiki · GitHub in here is the guide to rip models aswell

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i was talking about the modded ones… they are dll files… ive seen some users use them…

oh in that case you just have to ask the mod creator, I used some of the femmod models from others mods aswell as a base. Yeah dont think its possible to rip those models out of the mod and even if, you should ask anyway. You can find most of the mod creators on the modding and nsfw modding discords

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bepinexpack just updated for the new patch that dropped a couple of days ago so fatify doesn’t work now.

Just updated and it still works for me. Maybe you had another mod installed aswell that broke something?
In the modding discord it was said that it only affects mods that add or change items / survivors. But fatify is only a skin mod and shouldnt be affected

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Just checked again and yeah, its not working. Fatify isn’t appearing as a loaded mod in the bepinex window.

Edit: rolled back to the previous version of bepinex and fatify works, so yeah the newest bepinex update broke something.

Edit 2: Okay that’s weird, if I make a new profile in ra2modman that fixes the issue.

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New Version is out https://twitter.com/Ceepert/status/1520943915272126464


A minor gripe: For the Artificer Mastery skins both Nippled and Nippleless version have her feet scrunched up something cringe-inducing, just for when you have the time. Adoring the rest of the Mod.


Speaking of those versions, did you consider making a nipple-less version of Railgunner’s max size?

not sure, maybe -------

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on the topic of like alternate versions, would there ever be changes to loader and mercenary? theyre both… a bit excessive tbh

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how do you mean excessive? Thats kinda the point of the mod, the default skins are usually a bit less … big


I do agree with Cubic that an alternate big loader would be nice. But I don’t know what they are talking about with the Mercenary.

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i get that theyre meant to be big but like… idk it’s just a nitpick, immersion or whatever it doesnt like, look right for the models to be that bulky and doing what theyre doing

‘Immersion,’ or ‘Massive Fatties,’ pick one bro.

The Mod is literally called Fattify. Creep is doing exactly what he says he is.


To clarify my position when I say alt loader I mean a nipple less version, not less thick, just like the mage (forgot their name) the issue is that, the loaders design uses that so a nipple less version might need a full alt. Loader with the apron would be neat though, I was slightly but hurt that the smaller fat version was missing the apron. As for @cubicp1ssr Cu mercenary comment, what? you need to add an example suggestion on how to change the mercenary. I would love to see a bigger butt and smaller bust, or give them a special outfit.

@Ceepert, is there any way to mod in unlockable content to add special challenge costumes, and if yes would you want help adding that or would you be completely uninterested in this idea? If your uninterested I understand why, it’s a mod why would you lock content, but I do like some challenge in my games and mods and I am a programmer who has a decent amount of free time, so if you want to add some mechanics let me know.