Risk of Rain 2 mods

Right off the bat, yes, I know there is a thick huntress and artificer mod. Anywho, I was wondering if there was ANY fat Risk of Rain 2 mods. Perhaps a sumo Acrid? Corpulent Commando? Hefty Huntress? If you know any fat risk of rain 2 mods (inflation too), I would deeply appreciate it if you could post it here ;D


Both the thick huntress mod and artificer mod dont even work any more due to the updates, and neither beaning updated for a long time. Must just be a case of 3d modeling not being an easy thing todo, along with like, risk of rain 2 being a pain to import models into


Hey everyone, found a risk of rain 2 fat mod thanks to some pals on discord.


This is literally already on the forums


bruh it was released 4 days after i had posted this originally lmao

oh yeah xD my initial post about the mod was shortly after this one


They got updated, so that’s nice.

With the Hidden Realms update, Acrid became a playable character in Risk of Rain 2. For those unfamiliar with the game, every level save the last one has players racing against the time to activate the teleporter. Returning to ROR2, Acrid was a pivotal figure in the original Risk of Rain. He’s a hybrid melee/ranged character who comes in handy while battling bosses, especially when playing in a group.

The process of unlocking the many new characters in Risk of Rain 2 may be complicated, and Acrid is no exception. When it comes to figuring out how to unlock particular characters, it may be a bit daunting for beginner gamers.

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Any WEIGHT GAIN mods for RoR2?

I know there’s a fat one but I’d rather have a character progressively grow than be fat off the bat.

Or does the Fat mod do that?


I don’t know if you’d be interested in it but recently two skin mods were added for Artificer and Loader that have progressive belly expansion based on two Lunar Item Mods, that being Suspicious Tentacle and Futures of Heresy. You’ll need to enable the belly scaling via the config files and then it’ll show in game. Hopefully at some point, we do get some sort of dynamic weight gain, though.


Where would we be able to find this mod?

This is kinda what I’m on about, an item that allows your character to expand. Thanks.


No problem! Always happy to help someone. And to answer your question, phoenixfelix101. Go to the Risk of Rain 2 Thunderstore and look up the Plague_Artificer_Skin, Steampunk_Loader_Skin, and Future_of_Heresy. I’m pretty sure all of those are NSFW so make sure to click the checkbox to allow NSFW mods to show up. I would link them but idk if this forum allows it or not.


Linking the mods? As long as they aren’t pirated materials or run afoul of things like no CP, etc. rules, its fine.