Round Railroad: v0.2.0 Valleyville Update

Hey how does the stone work i tried using it on cowhumans but they don’t gain weight ?

How big do the characters get in this game with their weight game stages so far?

Gotta say I wasn’t expecting a nihilist death cult in a WG game, an odd flavor to be sure but interesting none the less.

finally got around to playing this game, like the story so far, the characters are interesting the antagonists are amusing (If not suffering from team rocket syndrome!) the quests that are in here so far are enjoyable though i trying to figure out the wg system (I take it i need to use food items to eventually gain weight correct?

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I can’t seem to get the Linux build to work. I get the “Game by Round” splash screen and it immediately crashes.
(running a Linux Lite 6.6 distro, kernel 5.15.0-84-generic)

How do you save in this game?

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./Game gives me UnknownError: illegal access, but i can run the game using ./nw.

I have the same question

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Nevermind. There are crystals that one must find in order to save the game. It seems they are scattered throughout the world. I found my first one to the south of Valleyville.

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