RPG maker MZ: I need help for solving a very strange Error

My small RPG maker game currently suffers from a error i cannot reproduce. another user, @Pro_Master , cannot open the game.

The strange thing is that we both never saw that error ever before. i also dont get that error at all. so i have no idea how to fix it. anyone of you have a idea what is happening?

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I’ve found often times strange errors like that are the cause of corrupted/incomplete downloads. Without having them take a hash of the zip it’s a little hard to know if they have a complete version, but redownloading would be a good first fix if not already attempted.


It can also be a compatibility issue or your graphics drivers are out of date.

Update everything to the latest and give it another try. (Make sure you delete all previous versions you had and re-download the entire game again)

Are you running it on a proper desktop or a laptop?

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