RPG maker resource request

Hey all! So I have used the RPG makers for a really long time though I never really get very far with anything, however one thing that has always been out of reach is any sort of expansion based resources. I’ve scoured the vast wasteland we call the internet, but I found little to nothing in the way of expansion resources. It’s a little upsetting considering that there are several RPG maker games that have expansion resources in them. Does anyone have a link or anything where I could find expansion resources? Thanks for any & all help & God bless.

I made this resource compilation a long time ago recursos RPG Maker

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This is an old resource thread you may find useful.

Its from the old forums though so some things on the post may not display correctly since they use BBCode but for the most part you might find something that might help you.

Have there been any new threads or any websites dedicated to this? I have MV btw so anything that is made for that system is mainly what I am looking for.