RPG Maker, Resource Thread



[quote=“Mr stuffer rpg maker pers, post:20, topic:746”]http://www.mediafire.com/file/37igl0rt3rsziiw/face.rar

This is the face I’m using. It’s not the best and you’ll have to do a little bit of photo shopping to fix the hair but it’s better than nothing.
To add more faces you just need to rename the head to whatever it needs to be named and drag it into the generator folder if your using MV. I’m not sure about older versions of rpgmaker.[/quote]

looking at this I prefer the chubby cheeks since it shows how fat her face is


Would 3d models based on male and female half-kazier be of use to anyone? I had them commissioned ages ago and never got around to using them. They aren’t fat but, I’ve seen what the 3d modelers of the WG community can do.


Still looking for a face that’s just fat, without being heavily obese. But more contributions and thus options is always nice!


Here’s a nice program for helping make custom characters for RPG Maker MV. RPG Maker MV Extended Generator


Here’s a face template that sucks. It’d be better if I had both photoshop or similar, and an actual MV resource to base things off of…

it turned out pretty bad but maybe someone with actual talent can turn it into something useful. I mostly did this to try out my tablet I got working again.


Here are the RPG Maker default face (Third option) and neck (only option). I personally like to combine them together when making edits, and not have any character use clothes for their avatar, since that’s just more work for me overall.


Nice! I’ll give it a better try. Downloading the GIMP right now.

It’s been plum 5 years since I last picked up a digital pen. I’m slowly remembering my process (ie, work big and then scale down!). Hopefully you can get what you want and this’ll be good practice for all the faces I’m going to have to do for my text-adventure game…


That was perhaps the worst 4 hours of my recent life. I’m gonna go drink something strong and pray I don’t have to do that any time soon.

…Seriously though, here it is! It was excellent practice of my process and tools.


Appreciate it! That face looks much better than anything I was able to make.

The last fat face I attempted ended up looking far too much like Glenn Quagmire, at which point I immediately threw in the towel.


Here’s some templates by someone named Angel? There’s a fat bodytype; better than nothing.