Sarah Goes to College—a Quest text-adventure—New Release (No Joke!)

I enjoy text adventure games, and Kate’s Uni Days has always been one of my favorites. So this week, while searching for inspiration for something else, I started playing with Quest engine and put together a short adventure. I tried not to borrow too heavily, but it’s such a fun storyline that it might feel like a remake. But I had fun making it, and hopefully it’s not too poorly received. I’d like to keep going with it as I learn more about Quest. If there are any issues I missed or mistakes I made, I should be able to correct them. Thanks.

Here is a link to the latest version, best looked at as a spiritual remake of the original to incorporate some things I thought would make going forward easier. As before, I’ll leave links up for previous versions, as they’re all fairly distinct from each other. This game currently goes only through the first semester, but I feel like it’s better and more immersive:

Here is the latest version. It is a remastered version of the game so far, going from the start of Sarah’s freshman year right through the end of summer before sophomore year: Sarah Goes to College - Play online at

I’ll leave my original build here for reference: Sarah Goes to College - Play online at


So, how far are you supposed to get in it?

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This is great! I can definitely see the inspiration here, can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:

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Much like the original, the action takes place all on a single day, then jumps ahead to the last day of the semester, at which you see the consequences of your choices. My next goal is to work on a Christmas break section. I doubt it will be radically different than my inspiration, but I’m going to try branching out a little bit more for the spring semester. If it helps, think of this like The Office: inspired by a great British original, remade by an American, and gradually becoming it’s own thing over time.


It was fun, though Quest did insist on being its usual janky self, lol.

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Try downloading the game then playing it from your desktop, it’ll run smoothly then

I have in the past, but then it goes from clunky to crash errors. Keeps saying I’m missing a file, but I have that file installed on my comp, so I’m not sure what’s going on. My options, as they stand, are play online and pray it doesn’t freeze, or don’t play at all.

@iod9963 Out of curiosity, while I’m pretty sure I hit everything, what variables increase or decrease the PC’s weight, and by how much? I’m curious as I did two successful playthroughs, joining the culinary club in one, and the astronomy club in the other, and in both instances I wound up at 185 lbs. I honestly would have pegged my final weight higher from joining the astronomy club with Liam, given his influence.

There’s actually a wide range of variables that influence the final outcome. My goal was to make a dynamic game where every decision could make a difference. At the of the semester, Sarah can be anywhere from 160lbs (meaning she avoided any weight gain) to 195lbs (the fattest timeline, as I’ve been calling it). Seven total outcomes, in increments of five pounds. The best general advice I can give is it’s not just your actions, but also who you talk to after some of your actions. I tried to pepper hints into the text. I’m trying to avoid major spoilers so people can have the joy of discovery. But if you’d really like to know, I’m happy to share.

Sure, you can spoiler off the text here anyway so people can keep it hidden.

It really gives off the feeling of Katie’s Uni days, hopefully this text adventure goes even further.

How do you get 195 pounds, on my play through I managed to reach 190. Not sure if I could have done anything else other than maybe do something with Liam, and while I didn’t join track I can kind guess doing it will lower the final weight total.

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Totally off topic, but how do you do spoiler text? It would make asking some questions a lot easier.

You’re right: running won’t help you get to the fattest timeline. I’m actually working on a slight adjustment that will have Sarah lose five pounds if she just signs up for track.

But try signing up for running, then go talk to Brianna at the end of the hall. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I hit the wrong button while trying to post my last reply. Got it fixed.

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This is some good shit here, hope you continue working on this

If you don’t mind a suggestion a map would help the game a hell lot. Quest has a premade option that would improve the experience 100% (imo).

Well you click the reply (doesn’t matter where) and the space where you type pops up. Above where you begin to type is the usual suspects of Bold, Italic, Quote, along with a few others. To blur out a section click on the gear (looks like settings) at the far right and it will give you three options, one being the blur/spoiler option.
Clicking it will set it up, with some text in the center to show you where to type without removing the blur effect. Just keep an eye on the other section next door as that will show you whether the blur effect is still working or if you accidentally fudged up somewhere.

Well you are right, I definitely enjoyed the result.

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As an update, I’m enthusiastically working on this project. This has been a lot of fun for me because I enjoy the idea of cause and effect: what choices will lead to what outcomes. My model here is The Weighting Game. I have no idea how many times I’ve played the latest version, trying to get every single scene and line of dialogue. There’s always another secret.

I’m hoping to get a slightly updated version out soon. It won’t be massive, but there will be more gameplay. It will include:

  • Updated weight scale: For story reasons, I decided to move the starting point back a bit. I’m also including a weight loss scenario, so Sarah will be somewhere between losing five pounds and gaining 35 pounds.

  • Updated descriptions: This is partly necessitated by updating the weight scale and my own desire to flesh out the story (pun unintended). I want to provide greater depth and an engaging story, even if it’s just a text adventure. I’m in the process of adding some clues to help move the story along and a lot more detail because I just can’t help myself.

  • Partial Christmas Sequence: I’ve been working on the next part, trying to make the coding work. It won’t be the complete sequence, and it won’t have all the story depth I want, but as long as it works. This would include a small gain at the beginning, but only if certain actions are taken throughout the fall sequence. As I said, I love exploring cause and effect.

  • Map: I am trying to resolve an issue with the map. It’s giving me a lot (seemingly non-gamebreaking) errors when it makes the jump to Christmas. I’ll probably turn it on for the next update, even if I haven’t solved that yet.

Anyway, I appreciate the response so far. It’s been an absolute blast, and I have a vague idea of where I would like to take this through a summer sequence. I’m also planning some big departures from my inspiration for the spring sequence, so we’ll see how it all goes.

If anyone has any suggestions or critiques, I always appreciate it. Thanks.


What’s really funny is that, I think I recall the creator of Kate’s Uni days had a similar problem with the map when moving between Christmas and the normal school year.

Umm, after the first section (?) of the game, just before the christmas part I’m guessing, I can’t leave Sarah’s room.

I did indeed.

And holy moly, I did something that inspired someone else. Excuse my while I try to contain my ego haha.