SCP weight gain Game?

WG game set in SCP universe would be interesting. There’s a ton of interesting characters to work with (such as 999, Dr.Bright) and you can even come up with your own SCPs.

The plot wouldn’t have to be about any containment breach, but maybe just life in facility?
You can be a scientist, or D-Class personnel (or maybe Guard?)

Mod for an already existing game would be hard to make, so it would either be a visual story, text adventure or an interactive novel. Whatever floats anyone’s boat.

edit: here are some of my ideas:
SCP-999 (the friendly slime) making you gain weight
SCP-294 (the drink machine) giving you weight gain liquids
SCP-049 (the medieval doctor) giving you weight gain serum
SCP-1025 (the disease book) making you gain weight through some illness
SCP-914 (the upgrader) making you fat through upgrades (maybe The Fattener instead of The Upgrader?)
SCP-871 (the infinite cake) cake that reappears at different forms or sizes


a cup of “Weight Gain”

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I had a friend on a WG discord server who was doing SCF’s (Snuggle, Comfort, Feed) for a bunch of our OC’s…


I would like to see this becuase it would be interesting

Maybe scp-043-jp? SCP-043-JP - SCP財団
This salt can transmit food into the stomach. And no matter how much food there is.
pixiv: SCP, SCP-JP, belly inflation / 【膨腹 他】なんでも食べられる調味料【SCP】 - pixiv 著者: kasyu-maki 様


“Attempts to remove the containment vault from Researcher ████ are ongoing.”

I’ve never heard of this one, that’s great. something you wanna use carefully though, heh

I remember there being a rather simple SCP that was, in a nutshell, a cake. That kept replicating and sometimes the replicas would be different cakes. Which they made the D-Class eat so that the world wouldn’t get overrun by exponential cake multiplication. I forget what the number was nor do I even know if it’s still on the site. Still. Something to think about if slime isn’t a person’s thing.

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that actually is kinda an inspiration for an idea for a story I have yet to finish. it’s just too perfect.

It’s 871, I’ll include it in the list

SCP-458 was practically created for this, for those who do not know it, it’s a pizza box that when
in contact with humans automatically generates your favorite pizza.

here a link to information: SCP-458 - SCP Foundation

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I barely know anything about scp so I’m just gonna be a horny shitposter and say “the stairs scp but as workout punishment hell”

2 fat 4 stair


So are we going to [REDACTED] with the [DATA EXPUNGED]?


i heard of my brothers

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I am usually not that interested in things of this nature, but I am shockingly interested

a cup of ten barrels of lard
remember to note : the machine can compress anything in a cup

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SCP-807 Heart Attack on a Plate.
A plate that makes food served on it into a highly concentrated version of itself with high fat, sodium, and cholesterol, plus making the food highly irresistable.
Come on, if you put food on it, it becomes highly fattening and near impossible to say no to. It’s definitely useful.

all we need is an SCP who can talk to other SCPs and convince 807 to make the foods non-lethal
(I don’t recall if there is one that can do that anywhere, but there have been a few who talk to each other)

scp 807 + scp 871
your welcome

oi you forget about SCP-173 and 096 lad

How would they factor into the weight gain aspect?