Searching for a game all about it in Description

Hyho here are infos about the game.

I am pretty sure it was a Renpy game.

The game was about a girl who recieved drink cans and as she started to drink them she gained weight. As she got fatter she got mocked by her working collegues and you as her Boyfriend could make her drink more until she got addicted. I realy want to replay it and i hope you guys know about it.

It was anime Style (self Drawn) and i played it on Windows.

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I think this is the one you are looking for.

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Nope this is not the game i search for. In my game its only about one girl and she dont gets transformation’s like cow girl she only drinks this sugar cans energylike drinks and gets fatter because of them

From my memory that was what happened in this game, I certainly don’t remember a cow TF.

Well, sorry I couldn’t help, that was my best guess as to which game you were searching for.

Well there is not realy a cow tf its more like a alternativ world where she is a cow girl aready. The game i mean has no cow girls and only one girl if you remember that something happen it could be that the dev did multiple demos for singel things

I think @Morganism is right and the weight gain dating sim is the game you are looking for. It’s been around for years and the game has been restarted or rebooted multiple times. The cola addiction story is old content and there weren’t that many stories added to the game at the time nor do I think any girls outside of Emily being around back then. Even though the game was always going to contain multiple girls. It also has multiple threads since the original demo was just taking Emily out over the course of a few weeks with a few WG stages.

If you start a new game with the demo link provided and go through the content until you get to the “What should Emily and I do today?” and choose the option She just walked into the living room. It will start you on the soda storyline. The game and storyline seem to fit all the things you were asking about in the OP. However the current demo and game might have looked way different depending on when you played. As I said the game has been rebooted and reworked a few times and the original releases of the game were not set up like the current demo is.


Yeah it definitly looks different and i remember the girl to have pink hair but if you say so i will try out maybe it is what i seached for

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