Sela The Dragon Lady (Looking for team, please read entire page)

The idea:
Sela is a tall, fat woman with unusual features. For one, she has 2 horns growing out of the back of her head, and if that wasn’t strange enough, she has wings, and can breathe fire. I’m going for a more open ended type design for the worlds. I want to start small with this project. The bare minimum would be 1 hub world, (The Chefs’ Homeworld) 5 unique food inspired game worlds, and a boss room. The gameplay would be similar to Spyro 1 2 and 3, but with a few key differences.
The gameplay will have a heavier focus on combat, so simply flaming or charging an enemy won’t kill them immediately. Enemies will have hit points, 3 maximum, 1 minimum, and utilizing stun time will be essential when facing off against tougher enemies. Armor can be worn by some enemies, which can absorb damage from charge attacks, but will not mitigate stuns from them. Armor will break after the second charge attack. As with standard Spyro logic, enemies wearing armor are immune to fire until the armor is removed. After collecting all gems and rare spices, the boss room will open, and you can face off against a Spyro style boss.
Health and Sela:
Sela’s health is controlled by her hunger. Over time, Sela will get hungry. She will get more hungry if she takes damage.
How to tell how hungry Sela is:
Sela at level 1 hunger will have audible tummy gurgling, level 2 hunger will make her start to look at nearby sheep, cows and pigs level 3 hunger will make her drool when looking at them, level 4 will make her groan in pain, and level 5 hunger will make her slower. Any more hunger and she loses a life.
Stuffing, and it’s benefits:
If you flame the nearby cows pigs and sheep, they all turn into edible meat. Pigs turn into pork roasts, cows turn into burgers, and sheep turn into muttons. Eating these will reverse 1 level of hunger. Eating while full will result in stuffing. If Sela is stuffed, she burps sometimes, and her belly gets bigger. If she eats enough, she lays an egg with a 1 Up inside.
Enemies: Enemies will behave similarly to Spyro enemies. They warn you with an animation before an attack (raising a weapon, making a noise, etc) Upon attacking Sela and missing, they will play an annoyed animation, upon successfully hitting Sela, they will point and laugh.
The rest is still being planned. If you are interested, add my discord: BeanMChocolate#8989. I will fill you in from there. I can handle animations, and I have Sela’s design, so those are finished.


If I am not mistaken this game mostly focused on stuffing fetish instead of weight gain. Am I right?

Not entirely. I rarely check this page, so sorry for the late reply. We can talk more over discord. The idea is that Sela’s health is her hunger. If she’s hungry, she should eat. Some things make her hungry quicker. I made a few revisions to the idea set. I may ditch the lives system because it’s an outdated relic from the arcade. As for who I need on the team now, I’m struggling with level building. I’ve been UV mapping the same world for multiple days now. I’m using a texture atlas to cut down on draw calls in Unity. The entire world uses one material slot, and the process of mapping the UVs to the textures I want is taking longer than I had hoped. Maybe it’s just unrealistic expectations for myself, or maybe there is a better tool. I don’t know.

UPDATE!!! Looking for someone to help with UV mapping worlds. I’m building worlds for the game, but UV mapping is taking longer than I hoped I could do. Probably doesn’t help that I’m tending to things in VRChat while editing UVs. I can build the worlds and draw the texture atlases, but if someone would be able to map the UVs for worlds, that would really help. I may be doing this VERY poorly, and that’s why it’s taking so long. With each world I build, I’ll draw an atlas and a few references. The reason for having all worlds only have a single material slot is for Unity to only run a single draw call for the world to ensure the performance is optimal on the grand majority of systems. The game is to look and run like a PS1 game.

I will ask that you please contact me on Discord: BeanMChocolate#8989 to discuss the world UV mapping topic and application.

So the idea you’re thinking of is kind of a Jak and Daxter 1 / Spyro the Dragon Mix? This sounds Really neat.

A few days ago, the first public demo was released, and added hands never hurt!