Selena Belly Story - Belly stuffed and WG RPG Game! (Remake from my first game)

Hello everybody! Currently, SURF THE BELLY is already finished and everyone enjoy that belly adventure! :slight_smile:

But now you have to think ahead! And for my next game, I thought about remake Selena Belly Story!

The story tells the life of Selena, a girl with the “gift” of not being able to gain weight, and she has a voracious appetite!

The story focuses on the fetish, but also, she uses the fetish to tell a deeper story.

Comparison: Old Selena design - New Selena design

Still, I can give details of the game!

  • This time the dialogue is corrected by the same user as SURF THE BELLY!

  • This time, tummy battles will also be added, such as SURF THE BELLY, but with their mechanics varying a bit.

  • The story will expand a bit, in addition, some points will be modified to make more sense.

  • Selena will have various belly sizes! And unlocked unlocked all from the beginning.

  • The background of Selena and the rest of the characters will be improved, to give a better story.

  • There will be new and better belly rub and belly filling monigames!

  • New characters will be added!

Later I will give more details and I plan to publish a trailer showing the game when I have more content to show!


A kiss to all!


stuffed pregnant elaria 10/10


That is a cool af logo

I love this idea! Also, good use of Vroid there. I don’t have the patience to use something like that. :sweat_smile:

The comparison is giving me some real “you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about” vibes, and it’s making me laugh

Both games are free to the public for some time.

Udapte with the first pics of the remake! :slight_smile:

Making a new Belly Rub minigame (In the original game… It was shit … XD )

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Here is the Tittle screen for the game! I think is cute, with the music for the original game :slight_smile:

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Here the first trailer for the remake!

Also some details of the game:

-There will be belly challenges on the beach, where we will have to win matches with a specific objective.

-There will be several types of belly, in addition to standard skills, each type of belly will have its own set of skills, in addition to its skill tree.

-There will be a club for girls who want to gain weight, so we will have to make their requests to feed them. Over time, those girls will get fat, and when they reach their goal, you will receive rewards, in addition to seeing them very fat!

-There will be several rooms to train the belly, and secondary missions to get exclusive equipment or gallery images.



The game will have several character cameos from well-known belly/weight artists!

Like Michelle from SnowchanDA!

Michelle will be a belly fighter! And also, she will unlock filling our belly with liquids! Being able to access new types of belly!

Also, Gwen from SquirrelGirlDGT appear!

She is also a fighter, and the head of the “I love fat club”! A club of girls who want to get fat, and, in turn, she claims to have lost her weight due to her belly tournament, so we can also fatten her more!

She will give access to the fattening requests, in which we must search the city for the club members who have not yet gained weight, and make their requests, which will lead to those girls to gain a lot of weight!

And also, All bellies types!

Selena will have a skill tree of her own. But every type of belly too! Depending on the type of belly that Selena has, she will gain an exclusive set of skills, and we can also improve each belly!

The “Food Belly” are unlocked practically from the beginning, the rest will be unlocked by advancing in the game!

And these are the new details for today! When I can show or announce more things, I will post them!



This all looks super awesome

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In support of the social needs of the author in self-affirmation, I will say to continue to develop, it looks decent for a free project. Although I am tired of games made on rpg-maker, but for the development of the conceptualization of a novice game developer, this is the friendliest way.

Oh… sorry :frowning:

My idea was to make games with the rpg maker that is not “the usual”, that practically all the games with rpg maker on the fetish hardly differ much, in my opinion. Sorry you don’t like it

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Don’t worry, i’m random anon who dreams of the evolution of the games of this forum. To maintain interest in the game, it is better to hide and encrypt the images of the game from a simple user. I can just go to ≈ www/img and view them manually or using a special site that returns .rpgmvp to jpeg, the visual content is devalued after that.

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Those who do that are not really interested in the game. If you download a game and don’t play it, the mistake is simply yours. I don’t know how that is encrypted, but I have to do that for not playing the game, when I also try to tell a story … it’s sad :frowning:

You’re absolutely right.

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Some story pics, you can see this pics in the trailer too :slight_smile:


A little video with a Belly Fight in the game!

i loved the first game but i was wondering if there was going to be any weight gain in any form in this remake? the og didnt have any and i think the this new improved version could have something of it even if it’s not the main focus (for selena i mean)