SFRPG - EXPANDED - Custom Sprites

Ok so what I did was use Piskel (you can use other sprite editors like asperite). I took the sprite sheet SPTS_1_1_1 from the graphics file and dragged it onto piskel, which copies on the editor. Then I imported it as a spritesheet and made it 40x40. You could do it as a whole spritesheet which is the default 480x320 (I think). Then I just filled in the main color as red and the outer color as black using paint all pixels of the same color. Then export the sprite sheet with 8 rows 12 columns. That should do it!

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The 8_3_2 sprite is small in game

It’s the spirit done yet?
I just want to know.

Sorry but the sprites that I download I have to put them in which folder?

The characters folder