SFRPG - Free-To-Use Assets


I’m trying an experiment and dedicating a large number of SFRPG assets to the public domain for anyone to use for free! This only applies to assets provided in the download folder and characters specified in the License Information document! Be sure to read the license information if you plan to use these assets!


(edit: changed the download link to itchio cuz I forgot you can just upload asset stuff on there)


This topic discussion is for anyone to ask questions regarding use or, if anyone is more knowledgeable about copyright than I am to potentially offer suggestions in all honesty I’m just googling this stuff lol.

Basically if you don’t see it in these folders, assume you can’t use it. Several things omitted from these files are characters that are not mine to dedicate or characters that I still wish to own for future projects. Things like the tilesets from the games were omitted because a significant amount of them were edited versions of RPG maker default assets and I don’t have the rights to share those.

Also keep in mind this does NOT mean the works of “SFRPG” are public domain as a whole. Only the assets included and characters listed are. This is in no small part due to the fact that, again, several features of the games are a result of group collaboration and I’m only dedicating works that I, personally, completely own the rights to.

Other than that, go nuts! You are free to manipulate these assets as much as you want for your own purposes. These sprites were formatted for RPG maker but you’re of course free to use them for whatever you want, you’re not even beholden to use them in videogames if you have other creative projects in mind.

I would honestly love to see folks make their own games out of these assets and encourage others to consider the option to dedicate works to public domain in the face of a world more and more obsessed with private ownership. It’s my personal belief that art is meant to be shared and the world would benefit from a community of creators building off of one another, not isolating from each other.


If you think this is a cool idea, I’d appreciate some retweets on twitter or support via Patreon! See the links below:



Thanks for these. Now, I can use them for my own games using the Godot Engine. Be warned that some of them will contain more than just weight gain (and no, I don’t mean vore; I actually mean gassiness).

i think is AMMET2 missing the fat version