Sims 4 Custom Content - Weight Gain

Hey everyone!

I posted the Gorgewood Mansion a week ago (link below) and have been so inspired by people’s response and TheSimFattener’s excellent mods that I am going to continue to make custom content to explore various scenarios and narratives related to weight gain.

My first post-Gorgewood creation is Addie Spellwyn, a spellcaster with a bit of a jealous streak and an odd set of weight-related powers. Since there are no weight-related spells in the official magic set (something I’d love to see) I just used the existing Weight Powers mod (shared elsewhere on the forum), which should be sufficient for now. To play as Addie you will need the Realm of Magic expansion.

From here on all my creations (except Gorgewood) will be accessible by using the #redoestimate hashtag in the gallery to make it simple to find and access.

Feel free to post your own creations below! I don’t want to clutter up the forums so any new content I make from here on out will be posted here. Let me know if you have any suggestions for things you would like me to make!


Here’s a link to Gorgewood Mansion for ease of access: