The Sims 4 - Gorgewood Mansion

Hey everyone, longtime reader, first-time poster!

Below is the info for a custom lot I made with TheSimFattener’s Fattening Lot mod (link below). I wasn’t able to find a good mansion to test out the Fattening Lot trait so I made my own. It’s designed to be like a reality show house where eight Sims come to live for a month and slowly but surely start to gain weight just because of the house itself. The mansion features a library, game room, TV room, butler’s quarters, plant room, several dining areas and a full dining room, exercise room (for those wishing to struggle against the inevitable) a full kitchen, a cupcake room, and four “team” areas with beds, a mini kitchen, and sitting area. Most of the stuff in the mansion comes with the base game, the expansion I used most extensively for furniture was City Living Stuff.

I also created a roster of contestants for “Season 1” of Gorgewood! All start out at or near minimum fatness, and I tried to get a good variety of personality and traits (none of them are WG mod traits, feel free to add those if you wish).

Please forgive me if the mansion is a bit rough around the edges, I haven’t built a house from scratch in the Sims 4 before. I’m excited to hear what everyone thinks! If you have scenarios using these characters or the lot feel free to post them below.

Typing in Gorgewood to the Gallery with custom content enabled should let you see both the lot and the family. Couldn’t figure out how to post a link directly from the gallery. Also note that Fattening Lot takes a good 3-4 days to be noticeable if you’re starting from maximum thinness, so be patient ^^

Big Fat Sims 4 Mod Pack:


This looks really cool, I am excited to play around with it! I am glad people are starting to get more creative with the Sims in this community, it really has a lot of potential. I have currently been working on lot trait designed for restaurants that multiplies how much a sim will gain from eating. If you would be interested in some sort of a custom lot trait along these lines, just give me a reply and I would be happy try making one, whatever you think would enhance the gameplay experience.

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That’d be super awesome! If you made the trait I’d be happy to design a restaurant around it and share it here. Really enjoying the mods you’ve made so far as well, thanks for all your work ^^

Can we download the lot?

Yes!! I am just not sure how to post a link (if anyone knows how feel free to put it in the thread).

Go to the Sims 4 gallery and type “Gorgewood” (make sure the custom content box is checked) and you’ll find both the mansion and the household.

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it does not appear to be on the gallery

Did you check the “custom content” box? If you didn’t it won’t appear.

yes could i have a direct link?

Unfortunately no, it won’t let me make a link. If you’re searching on the website rather than the in-game browser that may be a problem as well because then it won’t show custom content. Maybe in the gallery in-game try searching the EA account ids for “Emperorheinrich”?

Searching for the EA account ID doesn’t pull up anything for me.

EDIT: NVM, I managed to find it.

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