The Big Fat Sims 4 ModPack

Hey guys, so I just decided that maybe in the situation someone missed one of my mods or maybe someone would rather download all my mods in bulk. So I decided to make a compilation of all my mods and put it in a modpack for all of you, it also includes a bonus new mod!

What it includes:

  • The Gain; both the regular and the female only version of my weight gain virus

  • The Fattener; a trait that fattens those around you

  • Comfort Eater; pretty obvious, your sim eats when sad

  • Expanding Waistline; a trait that gradually fattens a sim throughout their life

  • Weight Powers; a set of “powers” dedicated to controlling a sims weight

  • Gainer Career; a career focused on weight gain

  • Ravenous; a trait that makes your sim eat a ton

  • Bonus: Fattening Lot; this is a new mod that comes as a lot trait that gradually fattens any sim on said lot

All of these mods are created by me, for more detailed descriptions on how they work visit my other threads

Be sure to join my discord to show your support:


I really appreciate all of the support I get on my mods, I spend a lot of time making this by myself, so knowing that people enjoy my mods really makes it all worth it.


Ayyy you added the one I suggested :smiley:


Of course, I can’t let down the best youtuber :relieved:

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I don’t speak English, so it helps, thank you.

Can you make a mod where there is a trait where females hips get bigger and bigger to the point where they get stuck in doors cuz i think that would be hilarious

Also can we get clothes to tear as sims get bigger so like if a girl is wearing a skirt and her thighs or hips get to big it begins to tear

Can we also get visual belly growth and maybe have like an animation of a sims belly shooting out and them acknowledging it or like there thighs touching and them getting a negative moodlet of it for a while or when their hips widen out they get a bigger butt with it and a moodlet depending on their personality

I was looking for a bunch of these