Sims 4 "Expanding Waistline"

Well, I am back again with another quick mod. This mod adds a more realistic yet still fun element of weight gain the peoples gameplay. This mod simply adds a trait called “Expanding Waistline”, which essentially slowly fattens up a sim over the course of their lives. Yes, this can take 15-30 days but this is basically a slower alternative to my other mods, happy gaming!


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As always, let me know of any suggestions below!


Hey mate, thanks for the Sims 4 mods. Nice to see someone finally dabble with the potential the game has regarding weight gain.

I love the Expanding Waistline trait particular. I really appreciate the slow burn weight gain and how it can creep up on you.

If it isn’t too much to ask, is it possible to see a shrinking waistline trait in the future with the opposite effect?

I think it would be cool to force you to continue to eat to maintain your sims weight as the game has no natural metabolism system.


Yeah for sure, that wouldn’t be too hard for me to make. I can probably have it in a day or 2.

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Thanks man! Appreciate it!