Sims 4 Mod: The Feedist Trait

It seems, the mod doesn´t work propper with Teens. You can select the trait, but in game it disappears from the sim’s trait list and is replaced by the active-trait.

It’s not supposed to work with teens. Young adults, adults, and elders only.

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Ok, that explains it all. Usually such mods are for Teen to Elder.

Of course, the ultimate complement for this mod would be a swelling belly. But for that you would need a scripted mod in python programming language. There is a vore mod out there that works like this.

Wow, this mod is everything! Thank you for making and sharing! :smiley:

I was wondering if anyone has run into and been able to correct the “corrupted” error? I have XML injector installed.


I do have the language set to English but I will install the injector. Thanks!

This is cool, but I wish it was less general. As a fat admirer who is thin, doesn’t like to eat a lot, and doesn’t want to be fat but likes observing other people stuffing themselves and gaining weight, this is far too broad to be useful to me. I feel like two more traits could be made that splits this in two. A Feeder trait, which would want other sims to be fat, prefer fatter sims, possibly be able to “add extra butter”, bacon, etc when they prepare food that they can serve to their s/o, and Feedee trait, who prefers to themselves be fat, and loves stuffing themselves and eating unhealthy food (So would include the stuffing system). Make them all mutually exclusive, you can only select one. Feedist would be the “all in one”.


Yeah dude, you should separate this mod into 3 categories/traits:

  1. The Feede: One who likes to get fed or likes to eat a lot and get fat.
  2. The Feeder: The one who likes to feed or give food to another one.
  3. The Admirer: The one who simply likes to see other sims get fat without ever interacting, maybe flirt or enthuse about their weight.

I agree with the above!


Is this mod still supported? I can no longer find it in the traits.

Yes, still supported! Just checked on my copy and it is showing up ok. Should be close to Gluttony on the third tab of CAS.

Some things that may help track down the problem:
Do you play in a language other than English?
Did it disappear from already-created characters or just in the creator or both?
Are you playing on the latest version of TS4?
Were you able to add it to sims before?

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I play on English. It disappeared from pre-existing characters, leaving them with 2 traits. I am playing on the latest version. I had problems with it working in the beginning but got it fixed. I’m going to see if it works now.

I’m using it in the current edition - post July 28th update. It is there, the affected Sim girl declares at times that she needs to be stuffed NOW, though I haven’t noticed much weight gain! I wonder if it depends where the fat slider was placed in the initial CAS window? I have a feeling that if it is at maximum initially then the Sim won’t gain much, or anything, after that point. Anyone know?

They also do flirt about weight gain, so yes, it is still working fine!

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Yes, the maximum spectrum of WG in TS4 is dissapointing - the maximum fatness of a Sim is not high obesity, because if it was higher, EA would have to deal with clothing/pose clipping and other fat modelling features. IMO the Sims series were meant to cater to most of teens’ dreams, not to be realistic - that’s why the availible weight gain in base game isn’t that much.

Thanks - thought so. I do find that the waist expansion trait works, as my sims are considerably fatter now than when I created them with the fat slider at maximum - unless it is something else. I have a lot of fat mods loaded!

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As sensible and easy it is for making it where active sims hate feedist sims i would like it if sims would strive for a strong fat life style. Although i could see the game being to limited for that, or doing such would be hard to program.

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I love it but can you make the separate version please (the one with the feedee and the one with the feeder) I would really appreciate it, ok bye!!

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Hey everyone,

By popular demand I have added Feeder and Feedee traits to the Feedist mod! I haven’t extensively playtested the changes so if any issues come up be sure to let me know!


Screenshot 2023-02-05 202334
Hi how do you fix this?

Try taking the two files out of the “package” folder and putting them in your mod folder directly. Apparently this is a problem that sometimes occurs with other mods as well.