Sims 4 Mod: The Feedist Trait

One suggestion. I wonder if you can mod the pregnancy buff to work with stuffed so that normal stuffed uses pregnancy stage one that eventually wears off and a second overstuffed buff would use pregnancy stage 2 that would transition to pregnancy stage one once it wears off. Is that possible?

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Hi! This mod sounds amazing and I can’t wait to try it! But I’m getting an error on mediafire and it won’t let me download the file.

I did some googling and it looks like there’s a bug of some sort where after however many downloads that gives the never ending “generating new download key” error and sounds like reuploading may be the fix? I really don’t know, I am the farthest thing from a mediafire expert haha.

Is there another way to download the mod? Pretty please? :pleading_face:

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I am having the same issue unfortunately.

Sorry everyone! Try this link, if it doesn’t work I can figure out a different way to share the file.


Works for me now, thank you!

*Spoke too soon, I am getting the error pop-up saying the file is corrupted. Will try reinstalling.

Got the mod downloaded! First off, my sims would eat a single meal and still get the “overstuffed” moodlet. I don’t know if I have to wait until their hunger is in the yellow or red but I still found it funny. Also it looks like the moodlets don’t deteriorate over time. Same solution for that maybe, let the sims’ hunger go down? I did like the new options for flirting about weight and enthusing about weight gain to other sims. I can really picture how this mod could grow into a much wider spectrum of feedism related interactions, but sadly I lack any skill with mod creation so I can’t really offer any tips.

The new link worked. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try this mod out!

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omggg can u please add an option the more the the sims eat the louder they burp??? i need this in the game :sob::sob::sob::sob:

I really like this mod I would like too see if you would be able too modify the pregnancy stages so when the sim eats there belly gets bigger as they eat that would be cool too see hope too see that

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Is there a way for the overstuffed negative moodlet to go away? my sim literally ate one meal and has had it for over a week

Sorry about that! Here’s a link to a fix for the stuffing issue. I changed some values in the 1.2 stuffing mod and apparently that introduced a bug.

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Hey! I downloaded this cause I’ve wanted something like this for so long, I noticed that the ._ version of the files made it so if they were in the mods folder the game wouldn’t open. Not too much of a big deal just take those files out before starting the game, the other thing which for me is important is that sims with the feeder/feedee/feedist traits break the sims profile- if you can get that menu open its just a blank pop up, most of the time tho you can’t even open that menu. So unfortunately I had to take the traits out of my game, I have yet tested the stuffed submod, but with it in my game nothing is broken so its probably fine- If you ever figure out how to fix this issue I’d happily download the traits again as I’d love to play with them since ive been playing and pretending that my sims were feedee’s and feeders ( yes i do have the XML injector- I’m a troubleshooter, I tried to figure out how to fix it before bringing this to you heh-)

Hi, so I can clarify what this dudes talking about.
It happened regardless what type of sim or even the traits I had applied, so the social panel became useless.

I’m not sure how it came about, but when you’ve created the traits you’ve used a 64bit hash generated as their instance number, and those have been broken since I think the Snowy Japanese expansion was released.
Trait modders ended up having to recreate their traits and switch to a 32 bit hash.

Maybe youre just using an older mod constructor? Anyway, hope that helps.


Context and some details from a modder named Zero:

Thanks for providing the tutorial! The mod has been updated, hopefully this should fix the problem. I have not been having this issue in my game so I’m not sure if the new version will fix the issue, but it should work. Let me know if it doesn’t resolve the issue.

NOTE: Previous save games WILL NOT WORK with the new update; the traits will be deleted from sims and you’ll have to manually re-add them in MC Command Center or something similar.


Great stuff! Literally, great stuff. Been playing with this. Some feedback:

I love the idea behind this - I’d love for some more interplay with the mod. For instance - the only interaction I can find that makes the Feeder different than the Feedee is that the Feeder can flirt with the Feedee about their weight. I’d love it if you could have Feeders serve Feedees food - bring them servings like Toddlers can. It’d also be awesome if being a feedist would open you up to unique insults - being insulted for your weight and all that, humiliation stuff.

Related to the food thing, actually - I find it a little annoying that eating normal food just destroys the modifier for stuffing. It’d actually make a lot of sense if normal food could get you the “stuffed” modifier too - ESPECIALLY the grand meals! Those meals are practically designed for the stuffed modifier.

Final suggestion - It’d be awesome if you could make it so that feedees can just take entire family servings and eat them like normal plates. I’ve always wanted a feederism mod where you could watch some gluttonous sim just demolish an entire family serving in one go.

Keep up the great work! Awesome stuff you’ve made here.


agreed, i feel like this would be a very nice addition to the mod, i wonder if a “stuffed/overstuffed” dazed moodlet could be included with both of those.


@redoestimate You still working on this? I’m loving the concept and I’ve played with it a little, and would love to collaborate if you’re interested.

Literally just started tinkering with mods today, but it seems like sims modding is mostly an unholy tangle of XML and hexadecimal addresses so given enough courage (intoxicants) I think I can figure it out.

There’s a lot of room for growth here (heh). I love the idea of a mod focused on sims-y social interactions, especially one that gives a diverse set of options to autonomous/npc sims. For me personally my main interest is expanding on (heh) the “stuffed” buff to have more of an impact on your sim’s behavior.

There’s precedence for a lot of fun options in the game itself:

  • Mood buffs changing the walk cycle animation (tired, confident, etc)
  • Changes in walk speed (fame)
  • Motive decay (example: hygiene if sim has slob trait, energy if you’re REALLY stuffed)
  • Spills/stains on sim/clothing (fabrication failure)
  • Forced autonomy (werewolf/vampire rage, probably others) - think sleepwalking/uncontrollable hunger
  • Other cool stuff I have pondered and immediately forgotten

My understanding is that the pregnancy bump is also implemented as a hidden slider so hijacking that for nefarious purposes would probably be the easiest way to visually represent bloating without turning the entire game inside out.

There’s also tons of fun options for occults:

Vampires gaining from drinking plasma, scaling based on the drink (permitted/small compelled → deep compelled → drain essence

I know there are basic mods that implement this but as part of a larger package you could do a lot more, such as having an “engorged” buff that’s a vampire flavored version of being stuffed and can offer the same mechanics. I especially like the idea of draining essence immediately leaving you engorged and lethargic.

Vampires otherwise miss out on most of the fun as they can’t really eat and this pairs well with the inherit eroticism of drinking someone’s plasma. You also have a lot of potential for hypno stuff with their mind powers and could reuse a lot of animations (think: vampiric charm but it drains food motive, commanding a sim to eat, etc)

For witches you can have fun magical takes on a lot of the above, the most obvious being potions and spell with various magic-themed effects)

I’m far less familiar with werewolves in this game but I’m sure you could tie feedism stuff into the rage mechanic (gotta look out for the fatfurs).

Aliens are a big question mark for me but there’s something there I’m sure. Perhaps something similar to the pregnancy abduction related to forcefeeding?

There’s plenty more but I think this gives a general idea of what I’m swinging for. With enough persistence I’m confident we can turn this game into a playable feedist fic hah.


Also @redoestimate it seems you have a typo in the XML at line 633 for the interaction tuning for the “Redoest_socials_Targeted_Friendly_LifeStyles_Enthuse_WG” social. (instance 0x308561E55F5481A0).

Depending how sensitive the engine’s parser is, this will either ignore relevant key (seems related to the Feeder trait) or cause the entire document to be ignored. I suspect the latter is the case as I’ve never encountered a friendly feedist social, despite having a sim with the feedist trait converse with a sim with the feedee trait on multiple occasions. (Update: yeah, fixed the typo and the social shows up, though these should really be placed under more suitable submenus, like flirt, hobbies etc)

Also, I see there’s a reference to a “ravenous” buff that, as far as I can tell with my limited knowledge, is supposed to be triggered randomly during gameplay. I’ve played with 1.3.0 for ~10 hours or so, and haven’t seen it once, so either it’s absurdly rare or something is up with the trigger, or perhaps the buff.
(Update: Nevermind, It does function properly. Didn’t realize this was the “Want to Stuff” buff as Sims 4 studio pulled up the wrong string for the description. I would personally want to tweak the effect to make it rarer but much more impactful)

I’ll be doing some debugging and let you know if I turn something up.


I hope that you guys can incorporate all of what you said in the game would be awesome and would defiantly like too see a bloated belly on a sim that has the overstuffed moodlet

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Well, I don’t want to seem rude, but I’ve been longing for a Bellystuff mod for years, but so far no one has ever made it happen, even after asking or offering an order. I wouldn’t put too much hope in a mod ever making a bulging belly. :unamused: