Sims4 Better in-game weightgain mod 08/2023

Hello everybody. It’s been almost 2 years since I published the better in-gamer weightgain mod for Sims4 here Sims4 better ingame weightgain mod - General Games - Weight Gaming. Since then I’ve gotten a little better at designing a hyper obese SIMS. Remove other yfHeavyDMaps-packagefiles for the female and all other ymHeavyDMaps-packagefiles for the male version.
I’ve also added a gigantomastia mod as part of the package, but since this is weight gaming, that’s out of topic.

better weight gain (432.7 KB)


Should one use yfHeavyDMaps_bigbody6_3.package as well as the M & F versions in your new zip file? Or just the latest ones? How does one locate it in the game? Thx.

Testing it in-game, I noticed that the range for male Sims and for elder Sims seems a lot smaller. Was that intentional or a game limitation?

As far as I know, elder are not affected at all. For male sims I chose a slightly smaller variant because it looked kinda weird when I used the same size as the female sims.

I noticed there is a gigantomastia.package file included in the download. I tried this file on its own and to my surprise it worked great for even larger breasts sizes. However I cant keep it because its linked to the muscle slider. I logged in and wondered why my body builder female sim had giant breasts. XD.

Is there a way to link it to the fat slider instead?

When I made the gigantomastia mod, I remembered a scene from an old Leslie Nielsen movie. Repossessed BE HD - YouTube
I just wanted to put both mods in the same game and put one on the fit-bony slider and the other on the fat-lean slider seemed the best solution to me. (37.8 KB)

Oh, by the way, I’m still looking for a SIMS4 modder who can also do scripted mods and can make me a belly expansion/stuffing mod. So if anyone here knows someone who knows someone who can help me with this, get in touch.


Hi!!, can you tell me how to replace the HeavyDMaps for the female sims, i’ve been trying to make the same as you but with a different Dmap and i didn’t find anything or a tutorial how to do it, if you could tell me the post or something where to investigate more about this i would appreciate it ;), sorry if i make a mistake writting, english is not my native lenguaje.