Sims4 Better in-game weightgain mod 08/2023

Hello everybody. It’s been almost 2 years since I published the better in-gamer weightgain mod for Sims4 here Sims4 better ingame weightgain mod - General Games - Weight Gaming. Since then I’ve gotten a little better at designing a hyper obese SIMS. Remove other yfHeavyDMaps-packagefiles for the female and all other ymHeavyDMaps-packagefiles for the male version.
I’ve also added a gigantomastia mod as part of the package, but since this is weight gaming, that’s out of topic.

better weight gain (432.7 KB)


Should one use yfHeavyDMaps_bigbody6_3.package as well as the M & F versions in your new zip file? Or just the latest ones? How does one locate it in the game? Thx.

Testing it in-game, I noticed that the range for male Sims and for elder Sims seems a lot smaller. Was that intentional or a game limitation?

As far as I know, elder are not affected at all. For male sims I chose a slightly smaller variant because it looked kinda weird when I used the same size as the female sims.

I noticed there is a gigantomastia.package file included in the download. I tried this file on its own and to my surprise it worked great for even larger breasts sizes. However I cant keep it because its linked to the muscle slider. I logged in and wondered why my body builder female sim had giant breasts. XD.

Is there a way to link it to the fat slider instead?

When I made the gigantomastia mod, I remembered a scene from an old Leslie Nielsen movie. Repossessed BE HD - YouTube
I just wanted to put both mods in the same game and put one on the fit-bony slider and the other on the fat-lean slider seemed the best solution to me. (37.8 KB)

Oh, by the way, I’m still looking for a SIMS4 modder who can also do scripted mods and can make me a belly expansion/stuffing mod. So if anyone here knows someone who knows someone who can help me with this, get in touch.