Sims4 better ingame weightgain mod

As the titel says: here comes a better INGAME weightgain-slider. In other words, i changed the preset for the heavy-sim. As you can see in the pics, by changing the fit/fat slider, the sim changes her weight. In game this slider will change by eating or doing excercise. Females only. Works with all other sliders, mods etc.
Presetbody by me; explanation how to change the heavy-preset by the modder “crush the neko” and the modthesims-forum.

Have fun :slight_smile:


Does this work with the Create-a-Sim demo, too?

EDIT: Darn it, the demo crashes when this mod is applied! :angry:

Even if it would work, it wouldn’t be as great as ingame. :man_shrugging:

The version for CAS Demo is probably far too old to work with the mod

Love it!

I would prefer a somewhat smaller belly, but that’s just me

On an aside, know of any mods to morph the faces to change with body weight (Fat, buff, skinny)? I can’t seem to find any

This is awesome, but, be warned, it does stack with roBucky’s fitness mod;


I had roBucky’s x5 set up when I installed this…

The x1.75 version seems good though

Yes, i use roburky too. I like a slow sequence, so i put the fitness changes multiplier at 0.05 . A slow, sneaky, but steady gain. I also use candyds balanced calories-mod :slightly_smiling_face: