Skyrim scripted head change

With Final Fantasy VII rebirth out, I remembered this character edit I abandoned.

Is there anyone still around that remembers how the skyrim corruption mod did head changes? I could assemble this character mod with static head files but changing face shape would make it pop.

An assumption on how I could do it might involve the use of a custom head animation or slider, but I’m not all that interested in going too deep in learning SKSE, RaceMenu, or writing a custom mfg script. It would also need to live swap the head normals like the winter weight mod does with body normal, I think this is possible to do as a piggyback script. Just can’t figure out head shape changes, which I think the corruption mod has done before, back in 2021.


wait is this done by the mod you are mentioning or just Racemenu editing, i would like to know what edits were done to the face specifically. If you dont mind

Someone asked about this in the discord server for the Devourment mod for Skyrim and it seems that it is the Corruption mod that does that thing, being just a headpart thing swap. I have no clue about how , but that was what they answered.

I see Ill look more into the corruption mod

Since someone wanted the files I tuned up what I had and will post a download for anyone else interested. I’m not going to write a vortex installer but attempted to organize the folder structure, use common sense if you intend to install this. Definitely should back up your data folder.
What is included: everything I modded for the character, far from perfect but it probably wasn’t getting finished. There are 2 head choices, skinnyhead/fathead there should be no neck gap since it was the last thing I worked on. There are 2 options for outfit, you won’t need winterweight if you use vanill but the arms will clip unless you got custom animations set up.

Mod file: - Google Drive

Just figured out all the mods that change heads do not use fancy scripts, they just use the vanilla SkinnyMorph slider built into the head or has to be manually added to a custom head. Basically build the base head at the largest shape and put the smallest shape into SkinnyMorph. Unfortunately doing it the regular way there is no normal map swapping so the face will look weird flat and featureless. Maybe there is some way use the SkinnyMorph slider in a script.

Downloads and their dependencies that are probably required:
Outfit: Tifa Lockhart Remake Outfit - CBBE 3BA - TBD at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community
If you want to use winterweight:
Winterweight at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community
Add to winterweight 3 different female morphs: BB, BBwr, BBan, set limits from 0.00 to 1.00
The korean reference zip has the body normal texture if you want to add a 3rd normal shift
Install the linked mods then overwrite them with your choices from the mod here. You should be aware of mod dependencies, load order, and probably Script Extender.

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Might have accidentally wiped out this normal map when I was cutting file size down, if you use fathead this goes in Data/textures/whatever/head

Thank you so much I’ll try to figure out a way sp it works more seamlessly, i was looking at the corruption mod but i’ll look into adding a head normal swap

also bit of a question, I understand is was an unfinished project and you seem to have more knowledge on normal mapping could you explain if this is normal or needs some fixing?

It was a rush job I baked it in the most basic way possible - subdividing without detail sculpting, then rebuilt blending patches off the original. That’s how a normal map looks, they decide how light interacts with a 3d surface this uses the skyrim normals coordinates. I don’t know what you want to fix, unless you’re an absolute color magician who can decipher color to light intensity, these have to be baked through an application by the rest of us commoners.

Sorry I didnt have much normal/sculpting experience but yeah thanks for the response, it seems that they purposely gave the normals a gap. So anyhow thanks for the info.

So, in order to have fat faces, you need to edit the skinnyMorph, which is tied to base weight. This would, in turn, make every female in the game have a fat face at max weight, which is not what I’d want and doesn’t even work with Winterweight, I think.

I tried making a quick face morph for Winterweight, but it seems that it only uses body morphs.

Isn’t this like a unique head?, if that is the case, then only the characters that have the unique head are affected by that. Also, in Winterweight , you need to add the slider that you created in order to be affected by the mod.

It was an HD head used for expression editing. I made a slider with it in Bodyslide and tried using an existing face slider to see if Winterweight would use it. In both cases, adding female morphs did nothing. I’ve used Winterweight before with custom body sliders, and they worked, even for custom races, minus the normal map bug with the hands.

Interesting, i think you could ask the creator of Winterweight about it. Also , normal maps get bugged with Winterweight but you can disable normal map changes in the mod menu to avoid that.

Yeah the origin of this post was me being stumped after assuming corruption had some script to change heads, but turns out it was just SkinnyMorph in action. I was looking into a quick racemenu or mfg script before losing interest.

For example, with mfg mod installed I bound a shape to left squint and console set the mfg value to 100 and that sort of worked. I’m sure a custom slider, which gets packed into a .tri file separate from the main .tri can be called up the same way somehow.

I know the normal maps can be removed. I just would’ve liked it if the hands didn’t act like their normal map was removed. The shadows on the hands are the same as if I incorrectly had no normal maps for the character with Winterweight.

With hand bug
Without normal maps file location set

Winter normal disabled.

The morph was done by myself.