(Skyrim SE) BodyMod & WeightMod - Smooth Real-Time Morphing and Weight Gain

Guys, is it only for me body morphs not saving and after save load all morphs numbers set to zero again?


Nope. I don’t develop for LE, and Skyrim Platform doesn’t have an LE version anyway.

Is there vr support?

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No, and I have no plans to implement VR support. Skyrim Platform is SE/AE only as of now, but if in the future they add VR support to SP, I’ll look into adding VR support for BodyMod.

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I am aware that I am 24 days late to responding to this, but I have actually been thinking about implementing something like this. Perhaps just as some system where outfits can be automatically swapped/removed out at different body values. Might even make it a separate mod. The only issue is that, as you said yourself, it requires a lot of tinkering on the user’s end… and so, I’m leaning towards the idea of making it as a separate mod lol

I guess if it’s a separate mod, you could try detecting additional body morphs and scaling to swap/remove pieces of armor, like removing chestplace if breasts are enlarged.

there could be an installation guide for this, since the skyrim platform mod makes the papyrus AE mod redundant and causes CDT with cefinitialize failed and createBrowser failed errors

Skyrim platrform mod don’t make Papyrus AE mod redundant. Both could be installed with Vortex without any issues.

i did that and vortex said some mods are redundant
plus the body and weight mod seem to have a rule but i just load body mod before the weight mod plus you have to install other mods to get the whole thing working. so i decided to clean install skyrim

Just released a new update, this time focused entirely on expanding upon WeightMod. Though the new diet-tracking system is still pretty bare-bones, I’m working on modifying the calculations to handle a good number of different nutritional values so that different diets will have a noticeable impact on gameplay.


Hey there! I dont seem to be able to install WeightMod with Vortex, as it gives me an “Invalid fomod, Unexpected end tag. Line 1, position3.” error when i try to do so.
It says i can try to install it anyways but it still gives me an error even if i ignore it.
Im not really sure what else to try so i figured id let you know through here.

Thanks for letting me know! I edited the fomod for WeightMod for the most recent update, so I must’ve messed something up without realizing. I’ll see if I can fix it as soon as possible.


This seems pretty neat, I’ve got a lot of experience with Weight Morphs on LE Skyrim. and this seems like a much more in depth version, It had a statistic where as your character got fatter, it would hit you with debuffs on stamina and speed. however those debuffs were never named in the mod, so on my game I ended up editing the mod file and renaming the debuffs and their descriptions. If you need more of a place to start, I would start with some of the features of that mod, however, it seems like you’ve done awesomely. There’s a version of it for special edition.

will have a noticeable impact on gameplay.

It’s kind of like tradition in fantasy WG stories that being a fat fuck gives you more mana storage or magical power, I mean, there should be some upside over risking getting stuck in places…


hay so i just downloaded the newest version and there is nothing inside the weightmod tab on the mod manager did i mess something up or did something go wrong

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also is there a way to make it compatable with the newest version of devourment