(Skyrim SE) BodyMod & WeightMod - Smooth Real-Time Morphing and Weight Gain

WeightMod 0.2.0 - Nutritional Values Update

With the most recent update to WeightMod, I’ve implemented a framework for food items to have individual nutritional values, such as a sweetroll having more calories than, say, an apple. Currently, this system is still very bare-bones and the only value that does anything is “calories”, but I’m working on over-complicating the hell out of the whole weight gain system to have calculations for handling other values like carbs, fats, proteins, and fibers.

WeightMod also has a fair number of new features, too. I’ve added a satiation stat, which can be thought of as an inverted hunger stat. When an actor digests food, it’ll increase their satiation, and they’ll lose satiation over time. Pretty straight-forward.

As well, I’ve added a number of buffs and debuffs that use both the fullness and hunger stats. Being hungry will reduce health regen, while overeating will cause the actor to move more slowly and also reduce their health regen. Meanwhile, keeping their satiation up and staying only moderately full will grant a pretty big bonus to regen for all stats.

And last but not least, I’ve added a simplistic, optional HUD plugin that uses iWantWidgets to WeightMod. It can be ignored if you don’t want it, though. It updates rather slowly, unfortunately.

BodyMod & WeightMod

BodyMod is a framework for Skyrim SE/AE that allows for smooth, easy-to-use body morphing, while minimizing the amount of lag caused by most other mods that involve real-time body transformations. Furthermore, it seeks to make the process of setting up mods that involve body morphing as easy and straight-forward as possible.

WeightMod uses BodyMod to implement weight gain/weight loss, body type based mass distribution, and all that jazz — without the usual drop to 20fps as soon as the player starts morphing. As of now, however, WeightMod is still very early in development, lacking much of the functionality I intend to add later on.


BodyMod itself is just a framework for modders and doesn’t do much of anything on its own, but for people familiar with modding, it should be fairly easy to use. For both BodyMod and WeightMod, I’m interested in hearing what kinds of features/mechanics people might be interested in seeing as I continue developing them.

BodyMod is also able to dynamically adjust the player’s CBPC physics configurations based on their morphs, as can be seen below.



Currently, WeightMod allows actors to gain weight by eating food and lose weight/become more fit by moving around. Eating food will raise an actor’s satiation, and they’ll slowly lose satiation/become hungrier over time. The distribution of weight is determined by that actor’s body type, which can be changed. The more fit an actor is, the slower they’ll gain weight, but an actor will slowly become less fit the longer they go without exercising.

If any of this sounds interesting, please check out my mods on the Nexus!



If anyone runs into any issues, and/or would like to make any suggestions, feel free to join my discord server at https://discord.gg/yvmY8HwVJd!


BodyMod Current Version: 0.5.3

  • Fixed a bug that broke the updateBridge function.
  • Added a new morph to the default plugin that helps with preventing breasts-belly clipping at higher values.

WeightMod Current Version: 0.2.0

  • Added a new diet-tracking system to allow food items to have unique nutritional values.
  • Reworked many calculations to use the new diet-tracking system.
  • Added placeholder buffs and debuffs for actors depending on their current fullness and satiation.
  • Added a temporary-ish UI using iWantWidgets.
  • Added several potions to change the player’s body type, boost digestion rate temporarily, and to lose weight quickly.
    (The potions can be obtained by using a mod like AddItemMenu.)

I won’t personally be using this as I personally prefer bigger sizes and everything looking perfect over any kind of real time weight gain system (and I’m also satisfied with what I’ve customized for myself personally), but I want to comment to send my support regardless for yet another groundbreaking advancement in Skyrim modding!

I especially like that it’s for both AE and SE!

Keep doing what you’re doing! I know that there are gonna be many who find use in what you’ve made here.

Sanguine bless you!


I should probably mention that the demonstration isn’t an accurate depiction of how big morphs can go. Not only can the default morphs go MUCH bigger than what is shown, you can use your own presets from BodySlide so there’s theoretically no size limit. Thank you for the support though!


Thank you for the clarification! Eventually there’s just animation issues and I just prefer it to look absolutely perfect, like I said.

It’s kind of a thing of having your cake and eating it too, and in order to do that I have to sacrifice using this or any of @CodeSerpent’s mods in order for everything to just be absolutely perfect. This is not in any way due to the nature of your project in particular, by the way. I wanted to specify this so you didn’t think it was a criticism towards your mod, it’s just my personal preference.

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aww maaan… just after i uninstalled skyrim, too. still, this is promising. codeserpent’s stuff is good, weightmorphs is good, but i just can’t bear to return to LE. very nice work


Don’t worry, I understand! I just wanted to clear that up just in case.

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Lol, I can’t even return to LE because they don’t sell the DLCs anymore. Thank you!


are you using cbbe? wanna try the mod to the fullest

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is it possible to set a base minimum weight? I hella do not want to start from thin and have to spawn in a shitload of sweetrolls to get to where I wanna start. (… Or do I. idk, maybe that could be a fun one off thing)

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The way that weight works is that each body part has its own individual size, rather than weight basically just being a singular slider from point A to point B. So while I could add the ability to have actors start at certain “weights”, it wont be like they’re at, say, 0.5 on this imaginary “weight” slider, it’ll instead be like they gained X pounds right off the bat. Alternatively, you can also just set the starting size of each body part, which would be the easiest way to do things. Right now, there’s no in-game way of changing body type values (which determine the distribution of weight) or starting values for each body part, but those things can be set pretty easily by going into WeightMod’s files and making some adjustments to the plugin yourself.

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I’m using CBBE 3BA, although you can technically use this mod with any body replacer. Just, with body replacers that aren’t CBBE, you’ll need to create your own slider presets to replace the ones in Data/body-mod/morphs. Just setup the preset .xml files in BodySlide and then rename them to replace the files in the directory.

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This is unrelated to the mods, but I think there’s a fatal flaw with Skyrim: When you click “New Game”, after showing the loading screen for a few seconds, the game completely crashes. No explainations given, the game just goes kaput when you start a new game.

That usually happens when you have conflicting mods. Not sure why you’re posting about it here, but my advice would be to check your mods and see if there are any mods that are incompatible with one another.

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The only problem is that the fatal crash happens, even without mods.

Again… I don’t know why you’re posting about this problem here, I’m not Bethesda tech support. It sounds like your installation is corrupted, maybe try re-installing. If that doesn’t work, probably look for solutions online, since it is absolutely not normal for vanilla Skyrim to crash when starting a new game.

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I don’t necessarily own the game, but I have heard said problem online.

Then… what was the point of any of this?


Cool thing you are doing. Have you look at what was implemented long ago by Coldsteelj for fallout to see what is possible? [Fallout 4 WeightGain mod (ssbbw) by coldsteelj on DeviantArt]Fallout 4 WeightGain mod (ssbbw) by coldsteelj on DeviantArt


Thank you. I don’t do any Fallout 4 modding myself, and I’ve not delved very far into the modding scene for Fo4 in general. I’m just trying to get morphing to look as smooth as possible with the minimal amount of lag I can manage in Skyrim.

Thank you for your hard work. Can you tell me please how many body morph sliders currently affected by weight gain system? Is there only one slider from thin to fat? Is there another slider from thin to muscled? I am sorry that I am asking such stupid questions instead of downloading mod and test all by myself, but since you asked about features and mechanics I wanted to propose to create three basic sliders for body morphs:

  1. From thin to fat.
  2. From thin to muscled.
  3. From flat belly to full belly. This one could simply work on fullness system: each time character consume food belly slider move up and slowly move down in diggestion process.

P.S. Thank you for spending time on your modification, I will be very happy to create different body morphs for it.