(Skyrim SE) BodyMod & WeightMod - Smooth Real-Time Morphing and Weight Gain

I’ve been using WeightMorphs for a while now, but this looks like a really promising successor! Once it’s a bit more accessible and finished up I’ll give this one a proper test run. Tho from what I saw, you’ve got all the makings of an awesome mod, great job! (˵ - ᴗ - ˵ )


I described how this mod works in a comment further up. Each body part has its own individual size, like, there’s a morph for arms, legs, torso, belly, etc. Later on, each body part will also have a “muscle” morph, but for now, there’s a temporary “fitness” morph. And also, eating food will increase the belly morph.

A “morph” in this context isn’t a single slider. Think of it as a BodySlide preset, containing multiple sliders.

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Thank you for your answer. I am going to download Skyrim again and test your mod. I have a big plans on creation of custom morphs for that now :blush:


Personally, I prefer using actual weight stat over morphs for two simple reasons: you can affect the face and neck that way and there are mods that let you change normal map with higher weight. You can see it here. Unfortunately, almost every mod I know sticks to morphs.
So, will you stick to morphs only or would you consider an option to use vanilla weight?

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The problem with using weight alone is that there’s no way to adjust for different body parts having different sizes, but I have been considering adding the ability to morph the weight stat as an addition to everything else, rather than going one or the other.

I’m a bit confused here, are you using existing CBBE/UUNP morphs or is this an entirely new body mod with completely new sliders?

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Will there be a way this can work on NPC’s later on?

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I’m aware of that. Having both options is the better choice, yeah. Hell, with some tinkering, you could have the weight stat handle head + neck and normals while morphs handle everything else, ensuring that you get a fat face and proper fat normals while making the gain appear more dynamic, e.g. having all the fat start sagging at higher weight and nipples inverting rather than have it happen gradually throughout the whole ride.
Honestly, I think normals are the more important part here, a fat body with normals of a fit one looks awful at certain sizes and unlike Fallout 4, the game’s lighting engine doesn’t correct things for you, you just get this flat-looking spherical shape.

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An interesting and ambitious project.

I think my main question with this will definitely be if parts of the weight gain side of the mod will be attempting to ‘re-invent the wheel’ ie; doing weight gain the same way as existing ‘needs’ mods, but with all-new code and thus, chew up developer time.

I highly recommend giving consideration to making WeightMod open-source so that the (expansive - pun intended) mod scene with an interest in that side of the mod can contribute, thus rapidly both speeding up dev time and ensuring that the new WeightMod can fully replace any otherwise conflicting legacy mods.

I’m thinking CodeSerpent’s mods (ie; BodyBuilders), plus two that I’ve personally used a lot - Immersive Needs and good 'ol RNaD; Realistic Needs and Diseases. Possibly even the hellscape that is vore mods (that I mainly used for belly morphs).

My personal mod collection for skyrims has been an absolute mess for eons due to varying trends in compatibility and being able to streamline everything weight and morph-wise within two mods is a really attractive proposition, once that could result in a far better experience, especially if it becomes something everyone can get behind and maybe even build submods off.


Got a question for the developer. Your mod looks great and all, but how does it work with other weight gain type mods in Skyrim? Have you tested with others that have been referenced above?

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This isn’t a body replacing mod. It just modifies existing sliders.

It already works on NPCs, actually.

WeightMod is meant to be used on its own, without any other weight gain type mods. But I’d imagine that it would work just fine alongside other weight gain mods. I’ve not done any testing myself, though.

I have another naive question. If you played around with CBBE to setup for the other weight mods and then remove those mods for your mod. Should I reset the CBBE to default settings for the character?

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Shouldn’t be necessary at all.

Can you clarify how it works on NPCs? From your mod page it looks like you have to eat food to gain weight. Do you have some kind of mechanic to make NPCs eat or do they only get the walking/running/jumping muscle mass stuff?

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I was referring to that BodyMod itself is already capable of morphing NPCs just fine. But while I don’t have anything to make NPCs consume food items, it does check to see if an item is consumed by any actor tracked by the mod, and if that item is food, then it’ll do its thing. So, if there’s a mod out there (and I’m sure there is) to make NPCs consume food items, then it should work just fine like that. You can also use the debug spells optional file for BodyMod to make NPCs gain/lose weight, so there’s that.

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This looks awesome! I remember it being possible to do this sort of thing, but going through all the sliders and whatnot yourself was super daunting. Watching this for sure and will definitely try it out when I have a skyrim install up and running.

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You know what would be neat? Unequipping armor based on weight, with customizable sets rather than looking at what it’s worn on (body, feet, etc) or type (light or heavy). E.g. a full suit of armor is unequipped at 30 weight, skintight suit can be worn up to 70 weight, but bikini armor can be worn regardless of weight. Aside from “immersion,” it can help with armor that doesn’t look good when the body gets too big, such as kimonos (e.g. Narukami set) and full suits of armor. Would require a lot of tinkering on user end, but that’s Skyrim modding in general.
The tech for it is here, there are numerous mods that let you register armor as something specific (e.g. SexLab Aroused and SoS let you decide which specific equipment is revealing rather than decide it by type) and there are mods that can unequip stuff “passively,” but none of the relevant mods have done this yet.

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Can this work with LE? I only have that edition.

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