Slow WG games with female protag?

Hi! Does anybody know slow weight gain games with female protagonists?


what does that even mean

I think he means more realistic weight gain where it takes more than just one day to become fat


I thought it was pretty obvious, but I guess I was wrong, sorry.
1.A game where the player character (the protagonist) is a female.
2.The rate of gaining weight is slower (a.k.a. more realistic), instead of magically gaining 100pounds under a second.

I suppose Yaffaif would fit these criteria (provided you don’t choose to use the testing items).

Before I search through a few other games is it the gain in game-time or real-time you want to be slow? For example, a game following a PC at college who gains slowly, but then time skips forward over summer holidays, and the result of your choices are apparent immediately. The gain is slow for the PC, but instantaneous for the player.

A Pice of Cake A Piece of Cake / C'est de la tarte (le français)

Id say the weight gain is fairly realistic, until you take by choice a million appetite growers. I would add 200kg is a hard end game cap on your weight, and the game seems to encourage moderation of weight.

Slow transformation games in general are very rare and often valuable. Weight gain is even more complicated than something like feminization or age regression. One reason is because you may need art to represent the body changes and adding enough to make it feel real could be a lot of work. Two, you might have to adapt how your character controls to make it feel realistic. Three, the game would have to be capable of functioning over a long time span or it is a very simple rinse and repeat that doesn’t really act as a game or simulation. Five, there just aren’t too many creators who are serious enough about this.

As for games I know about, there is probably nothing that has you gain at a rate of 2 pounds per day at most, as would be basically as much as humanly possible, unless maybe it is a text-based game where you just make the one decision every day. I do remember Yaffaif feeling very realistic although I don’t think it accounted for days too much back when I played it (I want to try it again soon). A rather unlikely source is Corruption of Champions where although it can be hard to find out how to gain weight in a game where most food transforms you, the weight gain isn’t super instantaneous or anything and it also tells about muscle levels as well. Even the aforementioned transformation foods don’t instantly transform you into things so it is pretty consistently about slower transformations than normal. Additionally, you get to experience different effects in combat with weight gain, including enemy preferences.

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