Smasher and the Will o the Thiccs is now on Steam!

I’m very pleased to announce that Smasher has punched their way onto Steam, along with over 350 skins, revamped levels, the ability to set your own NPC skins, and the easy skin modding support!

The game has been listed in Early Access, as I have more plans to improve the game with additional levels, features and game modes. I’m currently working on some levels for the upcoming seasons and then will be experimenting with getting a level editor in the game!

If you get the Itch version, or previously bought (not just downloaded) the itch version, you can request a steam code for no additional cost!

If you bought a skin YCH from me and I have not given you a code yet, please let me know! I apparently missed a whole host of people!

Get it either places today:

Itch Version

Steam Version


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again for posterity. Its incredibly encouraging to see a project go from game jam entrant to being sold on Steam. I, and the rest of the team here at WeightGaming, want to say congratulations and good luck on this endeavor.


valve: NANI
corruption of champions 2, tribal hunter and smasher and the will of the thiccs: bonjour


Holy hell, you just brought Corruption of Champions 2 to my mind, and I had to double check if it’s on Steam. It is! I enjoyed the first one, so I’m considering if I’ll play the second.

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i saw it in my reccomendations on steam and all i could think was HOLD UP

Well this I certainly didn’t expect to see. Congrats!

I got to try out one of the earlier versions through a friend and it was awesome as a game before you add theme on top, really well done and congrats!

gonna have to find me some dollars in the couch cushions