Good day to you all.

News about this has already travelled fast, but for all those who may have missed it: it is with much dismay that we announce that esteemed Weight Gaming member BloatedGoyle, aka CreatureUnknown, passed away this weekend.

A brilliant artist and creator, his works and acclaimed, prize-winning games have served to entertain and inspire many within this community. His passing will be greatly felt by all who shared in his passion and creativity. Our thoughts are with his friends and family during this time.

As the creator of the astounding Smasher and the Will o’ the Thiccs and what with being a twice-reigning Gain Jam champion, it would be remiss of us not to raise acknowledgement of the passing of a truly talented individual.

If any wish to say a few words about him in rememberance, or share their joys they’ve had in playing his games, please share your thoughts below.


It should also go without saying that any speculation about cause of death or other unsavoury topics are most unwelcome and will be removed. This is not the thread for such discussion.


That’s a real shame. They were honestly, truly talented and really raised the standard for every game Jam they were in.


Creature was a close friend of mine, i had helped him test coinpurse kobold. and He was such a kind and giving soul. I would watch him draw often in his discord server. We would laugh and watch videos together often.

he got me into legos, helped me find some funny and amusing youtube channels. and would often enjoy the amusing overdramatic anguish that the channel ordinary sausage caused me. the day before his passing was just like one of those days for me. and that has made his passing just that much harder for me.

He really was an amazing person through and through, often hard on himself. but always trying his best to deliver. always bringing smiles to others even with the hardships he had been dealing with.
a blessed soul and talented person to the very end.

His passing was too soon, too sudden… his silly antics will be missed. his wonderful creativity will never be forgotten.


I never talked to Creature, but I loved his works, his art and his games. They were both creative and fun to see whenever they get uploaded online. I think my favorite would have to be Smasher, especially since it was uploaded to Steam and helped share the love of cute cartoony round characters. I don’t know what else to say about him, really, but his works will definitely be missed. They brought something fun and cheery to people, and…I dunno. I do love his art. I hope he knew how much people enjoyed his works, even if the praises were silent.

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I’ve never met the dude, nor have I played any of his games, but that’s a real shame. I hope that this his friends and family are holding up well, and that he may rest in peace


He was an old friend, and a good old friend. He did a lot to help grow my stream by encouraging me to use a VTuber and even drawing me a set of avatars to use. I really owe it to him, as streaming is my career path and I think his VTuber avatars did (and still do) a heck of a lot to draw in new people. And of course, I had a blast streaming his games, too. We drifted apart over the last year or so, but he was always such a sweet guy and I’m gonna miss him dearly.


well… i hope you could help continue his legacy.


I didn’t really know this person but I did play his games and seeing that he is gone it makes me sad still even after a week.

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my heart hurts from this news. I absolutely loved CreatureUnknowns game and it’s sad to see that go. I hope every friend and famliy member is doing better after this.

rest in peace.


indeed charem, he will be very much missed, may he rest in peace, as he will go down in history as one of the best creators in the world, and may the games he made be remembered forever and enjoyed for all of time

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This is incredibly sad. He made some amazing games, 2 of which i really still am enjoying today. its so so sad that i couldn’t talk to him before he went, but i know that he’s upstairs somewhere, having a great time.
I can’t imagine what his family or friends are going through, and i hope that he’s forever remembered.


(holds a flag in CreatureUnknown’s honor in front of a sunset as K. Rool’s Cacophony [the Game Over theme] from Donkey Kong Country plays in the background)

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