So I've had the urge to make a game..

…Too bad I have no idea how to code or script~

I could barely work ren’py back when I was making a short visual novel, and i drove me crazy lmao, it’s a shame cuz i’d love to work on a project, especially one that could leave an impact in the community.

I’d totally be down to help anyone out with their own projects, what i lack in the development department i make up with my art skills haha~ I’m by no means amazing but i think my stuff is atleast eye pleasing.

So if you’re a developer who’s fretting over not being able to make some art, feel free to ask ya boi to lend a hand, i’d love to be a part of something like that lmao~

Here’s some more info on what i’ve been talking about, Yo uhh.. I can draw shit for your projects.

So yeah, i’ll end this post here by gifting thee chub.


I entered the previous weight gaming jam with limited success due to the time spent on art. I would like to remake the game I made for the jam, the code is no trouble but it took me hours to draw even the 4 pictures that made it into the game lol (and they were of dubious quality). I don’t have a hell of a lot of time at present, but if you are serious about what you said in your posts I would like to throw my hat into the ring and see if we could team up. Your artwork is absolutely much more eye pleasing than mine after all :smiley: — Obviously no worries if we can’t find common ground ect, just figured I shouldn’t let an opportunity go to waste since art is definately my weak point :slight_smile:


I’d be glad to help you out my dude! Feel free to add me on discord if you’d like to discuss this over there ^^

S a t o#5011

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Sweet drawing! It’s nice to see other nanatsu no taizai fans.

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Thanks my dude ^^ I couldn’t resist draw Melascula, she’s way too cute!

Alright, I’ll add you! My username may come up as Qwibble as opposed to Shatteraura just fyi :smiley:

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if someone was to seek you help what would your requirements be?

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Not much really, i’d just wanna be credited haha~

So what are your thoughts on doing the art for an idle character collecting game much like mobile legends or any of the other ones

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I’d be down for that! I love gacha games lmao

im currently learning how to use Godot 3