Some Bullshit - Stuffing Focused RPG Maker Game

Lol curious cat is funny, it treats every period after a sentence as if it’s an link lol

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Yeah, I had to sign in just to get it to stop doing that. No idea why it thinks that though.

A second Q&A?

Damn, I’ve not even got roundf to doing my first one yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally, finish sending all the questions I wanted, whew took a bit but glad. Hope to see some of them make it and some interesting questions! Looking forward to when you can put it out and no rush!

why is only the warp to Lantrum though Chuck’s place breaks the game? why not make it a “what happens to them now” sorta thing?

So quick update on the curious cat. We are up to 378 individual submissions which does not count that some people put multiple questions in one submission (which is fine! No rules against that). So that means I need to close this thing soon, lol as the last Q&A had only around 200 questions total. So I’m going to close out the questions with Sunday being the last day to submit. Afterward, I’ve got to get a cutoff otherwise this thing will be too long/ big/ whatever.

On the flipside, I’ve been reviewing the questions and they are looking pretty good! Of course some are obvious bait, but there are a lot of creative ones I am excited to answer.


Late to reply, but I’m super excited to see the Q&A! I’ve submitted a few questions and am looking forward to what other people have asked.

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Glad to hear it I am probably the one who have the most questions most of them being “Experiments” but of am about to wrap up most of my questions just got a few more tomorrow for the side characters than i’ll stop cause i feel like that is enough for me cause i dont wanna overload you Nerds.

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Clara vore questions are not bait. They’re cries for salvation


Salvation, or salivation?


what if it’s both salivation and salvation


Why not have a special stuffing/vore mini game section for Emmie, Clara, ex-brewmaster and/or Eloa in the Q&A for the fans who played the game?


Hello, long time player here.
Unfortunately this save file does not work for me, can you post the entire save folder please? I think I need also the files named “global.rpgsave” and “config.rpgsave”.
Thank you very much, have a nice day.

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I think you can generate your own. All you need is to start a new game and create a save in the slot you want to replace as soon as you can. Then use the downloaded save, replace the one you made and you should be good to go.


It worked, but I had to rename the save file “file1.rpgsave”. Thank you very much!

does anyone perhaps have a save where they get to the table and chair and you get to choose who you want to feed? it might be a goblin mission in the game but im not sure ive seen a clip of it on youtube.
Some Bulls*** | Emmie's Reward! (Stuffing, Burping, and Vore) - YouTube this video shows it.

In order to enter that scene you need to complete all marketing events (some are automatically completed by just playing through the story). After that you will have to Feed a fat goblin
and then talk to the new boss of the brewery. It will be simple from there.

The best part is that the event is repeatable so you don’t need any specific saves just for that.