Some Bullshit - Stuffing Focused RPG Maker Game

Nvm, managed to get out through save editor

You’ll need to have completed all three belching events before the final party. The first one is on Lantrum right at the start of the game. I believe you need to have at least two or three gluttony points in order for this to happen. The second one happens in the goblin beer town and should trigger once Clara is in the party and you’ve completed the capitol plot segment. The third and final one happens in the goblin outlet in the capitol after completing the Bad Borken plot segment.

Once all three are done you should get the showdown between Emmie and Clara during the ending. If you missed any of the events you should be able to head back out into the world via the post-game room and finish them (though I haven’t tested this myself).


Thank you for your answer! I’ve seen people mention using save editors to make up for things they missed. Is there a way for me to do the same with these burp competitions?

Absolutely love the game! It’s #1 in all the favorites I’ve found so far- not to mention just how much sheer content it has to offer. I’m used to 5, maybe 8 hours- not 30 of shitpost bliss. It’s the kind of quality I’d expect to pay for!

Sidenote: Think I found a bug in the Rubhuhn Island mission, with the abandoned lab. In-between dumbwaiter scenes, where you’d read the speech, saying ‘No’ in the menu to rest on the thrones disables the option of resting afterwards!

And do tell if you need more bugtesters for the next project!


I would assume so, though I’m not proficient with save editors so I can’t 100% confirm that. Another option would be to download a save with all of the events completed. I believe there was a save posted around the time of the last update that had everything up to the mansion completed.

Okay, so its been a minute since I played and finished the game. I got one question… will there be a sequel to this game?


No idea if this is still the case, but Nerds said this a while back.


I will go into a bit more detail when I release the Q&A 2. Yes I do owe that and have been working on it when I can.

I have ideas and whatnot for a sequel but I dont really have the time or drive to finish another game.


You and the rest of the team gave us a great game, and in turn inspired a new wave of young devs, I have already seen three games that took of because of Some Bullshit.

You all did more than enough for us, you deserve some rest.


I’m not the man himself, but I can answer a couple of these questions.

Nerds put a link to Clinko’s patreon in the OP. Here it is: Clinko Clinko | Patreon

The bugged quest log has become something of an injoke by now. Feel free to ignore those three, they’re completed for all intents and purposes.


Anybody else notice that you can walk between the cabin walls on the journey towards the islands?

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Well, i just completed the game and let me say that I love it. Since i’m way more into stuffing and the belly just growing from food and burping but not into Weight Gain, this game was amazing. The story was great, the content was good and had the balance of fetish material in it too. Honestly, this game pushed me to make my own in RPGM(even though a lot of the content was pushed onto me but who cares) and try to create my own fetsih games. Seriously, this is one of the best fetish games i’ve played. Good job!


After seeing new Some Bullshit art recently, it makes me more anxious for this new Q&A for the main characters. Maybe hopefully there’ll be a room for a stuffing frenzy mini-game for the female characters (Vore is optional/included). Bet after all the adventures Clara would get an even bigger promotion, figuratively and literally.


I’ve also completed all of Emmie’s burp contests, but a slight bug when I try to go to the island. It’s stuck telling me to take Eola to Chuck even though I already did that.

Managed to get this done before the big holiday!

Hope everyone loves it.
{Reminder to finish the game first before reading}


Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Have some very long overdue Heidi fanart I promised to make months ago as a reward! (Also yay I finally finished v.1.0 of SB from start to finish, and yes it was great.)


Here’s my gift as well. Happy Thanksgiving!


Wow! awesome art! Looks like Clara’s greedy gut is ruining the Thanksgiving dinner meant for the team.


SB fans eating GOOD this holiday season! Thanks for the amazing content @qwerty2999 , @Ghost06 and @SeaBea !


Thank you everone for the fan art, very much appreciate it.

Im trucking through the Q&A now and hope to have that for you soon. I cant promise any auper eating scenes or focused fetish content, but it should still be more SB content for your soul. Its a lot bigger then the previous Q&A, like 3 times as many questions.