Some Bullshit - Stuffing Focused RPG Maker Game

Well, yeah. But I meant an Emmie vore spin-off. (Still looking forward for more chapters in Clara’s story though.)


Although Emmie is best girl, and she deserves all the love, I do think Clara fits the vibe and story more for It Came From Lantrum.

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I forgot how many characters you(technically) play as in the SB series, I’ve counted 7/8, is this correct?(excluding the Clara spinoff for now since I didn’t play it yet)


Emmie is pretty great but there’s definitely more mileage to be had from a character with an actual stomach capacity

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Just finished Some Bullshit for the first time, entirely loved almost aspect of it. First fetish game I’ve played that genuinly felt like more than just a fetish game. There’s character growth, a great story, incredible jokes, and the fetish elements feel like a part of the game. Only problems are the freezing (which is my PC’s fault) and maybe the lack of an autosave (I can’t count how many times my stupidity has made me have to replay a section) 11/10


Who are they all again? I thought it was Emmie, Pro, Clara, Essie, Heidi, Ellie and who else?

Since I’m including the QnA:random cultist(are they the same in both games or not?), a goblin in the Goblin award Emmie option, and


Deu(forgot correct spelling) in one fight

loving this game so much, currently i have however forgot chucks password and cant progress further with the cultists event

Any chance i can get some help with this?

The cultist code is 465491

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thank you : ) this helps alot

I’m currently in the first ETV fight, in the abandoned laboratory, and I just have to know, what is the music in that fight?

All of ETV’s music comes from the same place, the quake champions doom edition mod soundtrack. Her song is called devil. Other songs I use include GMG and Inferno. Its a really fun soundtrack and I recommend it!


hell yea, thanks man! Also, sorry for not responding for so long, I’ve been binging your whole game

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If I remember correctly there was a plan to revise and polish the unpolished bits of SB, how has that been? I’ve been considering a replay and I’d like to know if it’s worth waiting for the polishing or not, or if I have time to do a playthrough now and then a third one once it’s done

Might as well just replay it now since it’ll probably be a long while before that happens. Nerds has already said that he’s been struggling to find the motivation to work in RPGmaker in regards to the Clara game so the same would definitely apply to polishing Some Bullshit.

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Look what i found on the internet and we all know this will become a meme.


Guys, what’s status of It came from Lantrum? Is this game still in production or was it one time gig? Im not able to find any specific inforamtion

last i heard its still being worked on behind the scenes just progress slowed due to IRL problems. (I think?)

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Bug caught! Once you have Eloa at the pantry, you can’t get back to the islands anymore. The captain will just keep repeating the line he says when you first pick Eloa up

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thinking about how Chuck reminds me of Majima for some reason