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Does anybody remember what all the goblin marketing events are? I feel like i’ve either encountered a bug or accidentally missed one or two

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I’m better at remembering them than the town names:

Drinking contest in the logging town on Lantrum
Beer stand in the port town on Lantrum
Skiing contest (mandatory)
Party in the Capitol
Getting the mixer from the research lab
Making cocktails for the island party
The gemuse incident in Bad Borken
The desert tomb incident with the djinn (mandatory)

Which do you believe aren’t working?


Appears i have miscounted? Seems i need to go back to Lantrum through the non-canon boat to do stuff. Didn’t know that!

Also missing the djinni, but just haven’t got there yet. Thank you!

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There is a bug that I still plan to fix where if you beat the game you cant do the goblin marketing events in the first two towns. If you have not got to the point of no return yet, I say make sure you go back and beat them!


You can do it canonically if you backtrack straight away, though it is a little unintuitive to do so.

Though you don’t get attacked by Dark Valefor if you do, which is definitely a plus.


No problem, i got them already! THIS time (2nd run) i WILL get 100% (will you believe i just straight up forgot to put the gem into Lilacor in my first playthrough)

Also i love your humor and your descriptions of eating and food (how does one come up with so many ways to put chocolate into a single cake?) so the rewards for completing quests being more of that is perfection!


Finished my first run in 38 hours. And it was a blast!

Sadly I messed up a lot of content on the skiing town but hey can’t expect a first blind experience to be a 100% completion. (There is no way to backup and not eat the rich kid’s food thought the gluttony route meant everything but instead, I missed out on a core replay also I’m curious about what content I missed during the ski contest I never found the Lake where the fairy give you regeneration)

The game as a whole was an awesome experience can you all believe I ended here due to (yes there is an Emmie bot) after the playthrough, the bot can’t capture Emmie’s depth, and the writing was top-notch for most of the game but the last part felt a bit more rushed, not complaining about a few spelling mistake since English isn’t my main language. I regret doing the brewmaster quest so late I could have used it earlier. Also found a bug if you speedrun the first encounter with the bats slaying them quick enough Emmie does not get her heal spell so if you want a Hardmode run it can be fun. Thanks for this experience! @Nerds


Here are the replays im missing by the way! Edit I got the one down there.


Hey all,

Still quietly over here plugging away at the SB Vore special: “The Multiverse of Fatness”! This thing is gonna get done either way, but I wanted to see if anyone in the community wanted to offer any pieces of work to include in the game.
The main thing I’ll need is artwork, but the plan is to commission that stuff. That will lengthen the amount of time it takes to make the game as I’ll have to save up funds to do so (game got kinda big), but if anyone is willing to share either previously made work or brand new stuff I’d love to figure it in!
I won’t say no to checking out music, bits of writing, or whatever else is in your personal wheelhouse either!

Again: I’m mostly asking for fun and for a chance for the community to figure their stuff into an SB story without having to make an entire game themselves! I WILL finish it regardless so don’t feel pressured to help the project.


Here’s a SB fanfic I wrote: Emmie’s Titanic Adventure.

Read here: Emmie's Titanic Adventure by RegencyWriting on DeviantArt

The story takes place sometime after the conclusion of the main game and follows Emmie on her quest for a new adventure of unusual proportions. May contain a four-letter word that starts with “v” and rhymes with “more”!

Awesome art by ChryoStrand:


What a coincidence! There does happen to be a segment featuring a giantess Emmie :wink:

I think I could absolutely utilize this.


I hope we get more Vore stories continuing in the SomeBS universe.


Oh you will my friend.

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If I may suggest something (as I understand, the game is already pretty big so don’t worry about working this in if it’s too much of a hassle)
It would be nice to see some reluctant/unwilling preds. It’s a surprisingly rare trope, especially if you only consider when it’s done well. I’m talking specifically about situations wherein a pred may not be aware of their capacity and ends up eating more than she though, or agreeing to a silly bet, not expecting to go through with it. Either that, of having to resort to vore out of necessity, despite not being eager about it or even aware that it’s possible, for example having to resort to eating live animals while trapped in a zoo for instance.

On that note, something that is also surprisingly rare is inanimate/object or feral prey. I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s always nice to see when a pred kind of ‘works their way up’ to full on human on human vore through various instances of swallowing food whole, or eating something that isn’t even food (Like Clara eating the doll and the teddy bear, though those were technically food). It’s even better if it’s an object that has some value to someone else, since that in a way makes it vore by proxy, if that makes sense. For instance a character may have a lucky charm that they’ve had since they were young, and then a hungry girl either accidentally or intentionally swallows it down like nothing, in a sense eating a symbolic part of that character.
This goes double for feral prey. For example the part comes across a group of cute animals, one of which joins the party and becomes a sort of pet, only to end up in the belly of one of the adventurers, much to the other party member’s dismay.

Lastly, something that’s always great to see is vore being teased. I’m not talking about explicit mentions or threats of swallowing someone whole, but small details like the previously mentioned eating of symbolic objects/pets, or just the fact that someone is seemingly capable of consuming a whole person, even if the person doing the eating may be unaware of the effect she’s having on others. What comes to mind is a snippet from a work by Uru where a girl is challenged to an eating contest, and before she begins she asks the challenger how much he weighs. He responds something around 65kg, and in the end she winds up stuffing herself with just a little bit over 65kg of meat, thus implying that her stomach is capable of handling him despite her being nonchalant about the whole thing.
Another prime example is that scene with Clara eating the statue of the candy maker (God I fucking love Clara).
These things can easily tie into each other. Though this isn’t really applicable to a fantasy setting, there could be a scenario where a character is shrunk and tries to call for help on his phone, which is now about the same size as him. His roommate come along, and to tease him she swallows the phone despite struggling at first, only to get flustered and embarrassed when it suddenly starts ringing inside her.

Again, I realize that these are things that are probably difficult to incorporate at this point, and to be fair I’m just ranting, but if nothing else consider this food for thought if you ever want to add anything new :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely consider including stuff like this. There’s a fair amount of unaware vore already there for sure.

I especially like the vore teasing suggestions and the symbolic vore in the form of something special to the character being eaten.

(Weird inversion example: I remember cowboy bebop has a moment where the super smart data dog Einstein is begging for food and Faye -whos sort of the Clara of that show tbh- almost seems like she’s going to feed him and then ravenously devours the dog food. Einstein just watches as an empty can rolls along the floor and Faye burps as she walks out. Amazing moment that I never connected to vore but makes total sense)


I dont really know if it is a good thing for you, or is it even a compliment, or if you even want to know this, but i got excited just from reading your comment.:face_with_monocle:

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:astonished: Now that’s an interesting concept. :thinking: I wonder how it would play out in the game if it’s developed?

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Glad to hear you like the suggestion. I also like that mention of the Cowboy Bebop scene. I’ve always been meaning to watch the show but never got around to it, though that snippet definitely sparks more of an interest :wink:
Something similar that comes to mind now is a story (Though I unfortunately don’t remember which one) that I read a long time ago where a babysitter is struggling with her urges and to stop herself from doing anything she’d regret, she eats the kid’s toys instead. Other than that there is also two stories called something simple like “realistic vore story” or something where a sister bullies her brother by eating his action figures and eventually his pet hamster or something like that.

What I notice is the common point between all these is that it’s an instance of the girl’s stomach, skill, appetite and sometimes even attitude being used as an instrument for domination


Finally finished the my next, non holiday based fanfic of SomeBS, how with pregnancy galore!

I hope everyone enjoys it!

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I have a question for all the SB lore experts in this thread: how do the various nations work in this universe? Are they part of a central kingdom/monarchy (with the Capital being the seat of power), or are the human realms arranged into an Empire? Or something else?