Some Bullshit - Stuffing Focused RPG Maker Game

What’s the song that plays during the final Mother Brain fight in the UFO sidequest ?

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If you mean the giant pumpkin fight then it is this track.


I have another lore-based favor to ask: could someone please remind me what the Grand Vizier’s new title is after he is promoted at the end of the game? Tried digging around the files, but no dice…

Edit: come to think of it, I don’t think his title actually changed in the end. Pretty sure it was just Clara who got a bump up to Inquisitor Lord

Yeah I’m pretty sure he didn’t get a promotion, besides the only other position above him would be the king and that position is already set to be handed over to Ellie so there’s nowhere for him to promote to unless you count retirement as a promotion.

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Thanks for the fast reply! It would be handy to have a Some Bullshit wiki for all these random lore questions lol


Yeah it would make things a lot easier rather than having to comb through the game and take screenshots of info.

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You think there’d be another mini-episode based on “Eat Your Friends Day”? (I know there wouldn’t be enough time, but it’s a fun idea though.)

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Finally finished this game after putting it off for a while and was not expecting a 30+ hour rpg. It was very well done. Loved Clara and was heartbroken to find out she is not into women lmao

I made an account specifically to comment on this thread because I really liked it. Also playing through all the side stuff and reading all the development questions was really nice as well.


To @Nerds , @clinko_clinko , and the Some Bullshit team.

Thank you.

I just finished playing Some Bullshit and I loved it.
The content is well written, well spaced, well detailed, and an overall delight.
The characters are charming, their interactions with each other are delightful and funny.
I found myself laughing out load on several occasions in the story.

I’m going to spoiler these next sections to avoid giving away some story notes and scenes.

On stuffing and vore:

  • Top notch. 10/10. Creative and various without anything feeling stale.
  • The writing is descriptive without going overboard - and the art paired right along with it - Exquisite.
  • The stuffing scenes are plentiful and well crafted. Thank you for describing the food and going into detail about ingredients and preparation, feels like that often gets lost in these types of games.
  • The vore scenes are limited and handled well for great effect, especially with the jokes around “forgetting” and “remembering” the devour skill. The scene in the desert where Taggart is turned into a slime - brilliant.

On pacing:

  • Excellent pacing, clear breaks between adventures. No part of the story felt over stressed or too long.
  • I loved the chapter(s?) after Emmie’s soul was taken and Esse was in a weakened state. After so much consumption and growth, this felt like a needed pause to set up for the last hurdle in the story.

On the Ending:

  • The ending scenes are amazing.
  • It was a joy playing as each character to experience the festival and celebrate the story with all of the characters along the way. Happy endings for all and a great ordering as well, with Emmie for last.
  • Compared with other games that play out a small sequence, or give simply an exposition dump, this style of ending was refreshing, well planned, and real treat!
  • Really can’t express how thoroughly I enjoyed the ending sequence including the final scene running though a miniature of each location. I was saddened when Emmie said in the late game “This is the last adventure” so having those scenes were were incredible.

Favorite Moments:

There are many, so narrowed it down to these:

  • Emmie eating the hydra. We all knew it was coming, and it was sooo satisfying to see it play out.
  • Taggart and Heidi’s dates. He did it!
  • Emmie hugging Clara in the Fairy’s tavern. This was so endearing and heartwarming. The art of the two stuffed ladies really sealed in that feeling. :face_holding_back_tears: Bravo.
  • Clara’s final binge. “Can’t let it go to waste”, “The set’s ruined might as well eat it all”, followed by her (and her belly’s) sheer dominance over the confectioner. Absolutely loved it. Appreciated the possible vore tease. Great! 8/8!
  • The Gemuse sequence and especially the “interrogation” of the Doctor and Carrot" :chefs_kiss:

This game is an incredible work of art and I enjoyed every moment of it from the introduction through the the final scenes and post game credits.

I couldn’t put this game down.

You all made some special, beautiful characters and I’m thrilled that you decided to continue with them.
I loved this game and I and grateful for all of your work to make it happen.
Still coming down from this high and thinking about the characters and scenes.
Even though this game is over, I am hungry for more.
I can’t wait to try the Holiday Specials and other stories.

Congratulations on finishing this gem and thank you!


Thank you both for your kind words. As we come up to the two year anniversary of the game’s completion, I wanted to ask how did either of your find it? What made you want to try it out now?


I was pushed to play it because I enjoyed the characters in all the spinoff games. Also multiple people (Specficially Zenthicks because of the game influencing Apocalypse XL) motivated me to play the game.

Specifically someone sending a screenshot of this exact moment from It Came from Lantrum sending me down the Some Bullshit rabbit hole lol


My pleasure. Happy two-year anniversary of completion! :tada:

How did I find this game?

  • Feels like chance.
  • I’ve been lurking for the past few months in various categories and sub categories such as “Curated Projects”. I felt that I hadn’t spent enough time in the “Projects” category and found this near the top.

What made me want to try it out?

  • Gut feeling.
  • On the surface: it was the views and reply count that piqued my interest. Surely this many means there’s quality here.
  • In the thread: It was finished, showed great art, had several extras beyond the core game which suggested to me that it was well received. Reading the thread confirmed the positive reception and I was quickly drawn in.
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What kind of shenanigans has Clara gotten herself into now…? Here’s a little teaser from my second SB fanfic, which I hope to share soon:


Despite the cartload of calories already consumed, her belly demands more. The cake is carefully raised until it stands before the open and steaming maw of chocolatekind’s grim reaper. Drops of drool cascade down onto Clara’s huge chest.

“Yesssss….” A hungry hiss marks the final moments of the cake’s existence. In a flash Clara sinks her teeth into tender chocolatiness and rips off a massive hunk. The mouthful is promptly gulped down as if her life depended on it.

Lawrence watches the scene play out with slack-jawed shock. Is this really the same Clara he has slowly gotten to know over the last few days? Yes, he’s seen her eat to excess, but the dessert-crazed glutton before him seems like a completely different person.

Crimson rippleberry filling oozes out of the gaping bite mark and onto Clara’s hands. She hardly seems to notice: her gaze is solely locked onto her delicious prey.

A cacophony of chewing, tearing, and swallowing sends a spray of sticky filling into the air. In the span of seconds, the cake is no more – vanished into the bottomless pit of Clara’s belly.

Lawrence has seen enough. He’s not sure what’s gotten into her, but clearly something is wrong. That’s the only explanation for this insane display of greed. He takes a hesitant step forward. “Clara…? Are you ok?”

“Stay back! She’s gone feral – I’ve never seen anything like it,” a man in a white apron standing behind the bakery counter yells out. “For your own safety, get away from her!”

He ignores the baker’s plea and gets a little closer. Clara hasn’t said a word. Instead, she gazes lovingly at her hugely bloated tummy, hiccuping every so often while rubbing her grumbling midsection.



Another tentative step. Clara raises her head and sends a threatening glare toward the cowering bakery staff. “I SAID MORE!” The bellow is loud enough to quiet even the rambunctious crowd outside.


Can someone help me with copying over a save, i lost mine and dont know how to replace it. Ty<3

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Fellow Clara Connoisseurs, I humbly present my second SB fanfic: Inquination of the Inquisitor.

Read here: Inquination of the Inquisitor by RegencyWriting on DeviantArt

The human realms continue to rebuild following the chaos of the Lantrum Crisis. However, new reports of a mysterious and deadly substance are beginning to circulate. As dark forces plot away from the dazzling lights of the Capital, the Inquisitor Lord is tasked with bringing the perpetrators to heel.

Contains stuffing and other mature themes.

Excellent art by ShoiiChii: ShoiiChii - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt


From reading this, Clara is probably living the best dream of her life. I bet she would have included Vore if one of her Bakery angered her enough or something, like she did in that interrogation episode. She would have been the next ETV now that i think about it.