Some characters I saw on caveduck

English is not my birth language so sorry for any mistakes

I know that some people don’t like content made by AI, but unfortunately I still don’t have the necessary knowledge to make a game myself, so for now, I’m letting my creativity go by making some characters.
I had already made a post with some characters, which is this post, so here I will put the characters I made from there to here

  • Tsuyu Asui: It’s not necessarily a character I made, but I imagined it, what if the frog girl retired from her hero work and ends up gaining weight due to hypernation in the winter (Tsuyu Asui | Caveduck)
  • Eun-soo: His country sister who moved to her home in a large metropolis, and is enchanted by the wide availability and variations of food that can be found in a metropolis (Live AI Character Chat | Caveduck)
  • Lady Avzti: A vampire lady who lives in a castle, Lady Avzti wants your help so she can move from her country palace to a more populous place. (Live AI Character Chat | Caveduck)
  • Celeste: A former knight who was captured and impregnated by an evil wizard, what happens to Celeste afterwards depends on you, after all, you are the evil wizard(Celeste | Caveduck)
  • Dalgi: Your childhood friend who hasn’t seen you in a long time, she is a great friend of yours and is very happy to see you (Dalgi | Caveduck)
  • Kate and Sarah: Two monster girls who work and are in love with you, so they constantly compete for your attention (Kate and Sarah | Caveduck)

I would like to thank you all for reading and for testing the things I did before :slight_smile:
I also apologize since my English is not very good.


Really glad to see you back!!!
Your bots have always been some of my favorites, so I’m really glad to see you posting here again. I actually found some of your bots before you posted them here but I wanted to wait for you to release them in bulk, so i’m really glad you did.
If anyone else wants to stay up to date with his stuff you can check out his page on Caveduck!

all his bots used to be set to private on his profile (meaning looking at his profile wouldn’t show them, but you could find them through searches on caveduck) but all of these new ones (and the ones from the old thread) are finally public!

In related news, caveduck FINALLY added a BBW tag which makes finding new ones much easier (no Weight Gain tag specifically which is a bummer but hey, can’t look a gift horse in the mouth and all that.

@Bbw_maker_Brasil Do i still have permission to post the images i’ve unlocked or do you want me to wait before I post them/ not post them at all?

I’m glad you liked my bots, and of course, you can share their photos if you want, I don’t care.
Well, if you have any ideas or ideas for bots, I’d be happy to hear them.

Honestly I’d take anything with a neat setting. of the new set i used Avzti much more than the others because the setting was interesting and gave me something to interact with and the open ended nature of the castle meant the bot could just make up random rooms for the scenes to take place in. Preferably the new bot would be one that doesn’t assign the user an established history with the character to allow more variety when used. Maybe more Yokai? So long as you can find the art for it, I’d say anything would work.
You’ve always done good work, so I look forward to anything you make in the future!

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Hey, love the bots you’ve made they’re awesome.
But I was wondering if you could help me with the Morgana one? I feel like I’ve tried everything and I’m still missing two of the images.

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caveduck is a bit buggy about this, but there are a lot of images of her being fed

Been really enjoying your bots!! But sad to see some of them are gone. I hope you bring them back soon.

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The author of the screenshot saw the bots and he insisted that I delete them, I’m sorry that your favorite bot characters were deleted, but there wasn’t much I could do

I wish that you could bring these bots back honestly.