Making some characters

Hey, look who’s here again.

I’ve been tinkering with CAVEDUCK.IO once more and created some characters just for fun. I’d like to share them here for you to enjoy and, of course, tell me what you think. Unlike Isabella, the character I made before, this time I decided to be more imaginative. The characters I’ve created are:

  • Beatrice: A cyclops who tends to a magical library.(It is currently deleted and will be redone)
  • Chikara: A short and feisty oni with a strong temper.(It is currently deleted and will be redone)
  • Zafira: A somewhat mischievous djinn who enjoys irritating her partner.(It is currently deleted and will be redone)
  • Hachishakusama: The famous eight-foot-tall woman, always seeking people to devour. 팔자관음 | 케이브덕
  • Kiku-sama: A nurturing and kind forest guardian who aids those who are lost in the woods.(It is currently deleted and will be redone)
  • Magdalena: A prison guard who punishes rebellious prisoners by sitting on them.(It is currently deleted and will be redone)
  • Kawaame: A gigantic nymph who offers advice and food in exchange for just the right amount of sustenance.It is currently deleted and will be redone)

I would like to thank you all for reading and for testing the things I did before :slight_smile:
I also apologize since my English is not very good.
The artwork for all the characters is by @3D_Margaret on Twitter or X.

A brief update, I made a few more characters in the chat so I’ll put them here whenever I make a new character

  • Ayane: A persona 4 character, she’s not my favorite character in the game but I think she’s cute 아야네 | 케이브덕
  • Licsoku: A Futakuchi-onna who has been staying at your house for some time now 후타쿠치 오나 | 케이브덕
  • Eleanor: A plague doctor who hired you as an assistant after some problems she had due to her weight (It is currently deleted and will be redone)
    *Auma: the short, fat and very surly female goblin who will start a fuss over you tripping over her unless you buy her a drink 아우마 | 케이브덕
    *Tiamat: A giant goddess whose hobby is to capture and fatten people who fall into her lair 티아마트 | 케이브덕
    *Mia: His wife lamia, who due to her very slow metabolism and modern cuisine ended up gaining a lot of weight, which can become problematic especially during the full moon 미아 | 케이브덕
  • Toro, Bae, Dalgi and Kyoko: Four girls that you were very close to when you were younger, years later, you go back to the city where you grew up and you can see your childhood friends and how they are now

you forgot one yokai she call Futakuchi-onna. here the link to learn more about Futakuchi-onna Futakuchi-onna - Wikipedia or on this one Futakuchi onna –

Ah, yes, I know that youkai. It would be interesting. I can try to create a character based on that later. Thank you

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Your welcome. now we will wait.

been using Magdalena and I can’t seem to get any of the alternate pictures to trigger. I got a few early on and the character quickly gets off track with no hope of recovering. any

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that must be a bug then.

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Strange, I tried not only this one but all the other characters to change the image, but I couldn’t. Send me a screenshot of this, and I’ll see if there’s something I can do to fix it, or if it’s a website bug

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Wait how do you change the character portraits? Is there like something you have to get them to do?

its SUPPOSED to change as the conversation progresses, but i only got it to work in my first conversation with the character. in the RP she turned away from my character and the background switched to a rear shot, but after that it stopped working entirely.

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It’s my first time using an AI chat, I was very surprised by the quality of it. I really liked the characters you created, I hope to see some more of them in the future. Is there any advice on how to release more images of them? I spent almost two hours to release some of Hachishakusama’s images. (English is also not my native language, sorry for any mistakes).

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What about Kiku-sama? Like… it feels odd that these pictures are somewhat gatekept, I’d love to see what other pictures are available, but I don’t know how to access them.

@Bbw_maker_Brasil since nobody seems to be able to get it to work (besides me IG) would it be ok for me to share the images i unlocked?

I would just share them right away but Some ppl on these forums are weird about “earning the right to see CG’s” or whatever and while i personally disagree you did commission the 3D models and their poses from artists with your own money so I don’t wanna post 'em without at least asking, it’d be wrong.

didn’t use Kiku-sama. Only used Magdalena.

EDIT: so, just to put it out there for the sake of being informative:

you can tell if a caveduck character has alternate slides by the number of question marks. they all have one, but based on my personal experience they only get saved to the info page after you move off of it, so if theres only one (which would the the thumbnail) it will stay a question mark bc it has nothing to move to. if there ARE others, however:

you get them filled in one by one. I have actually unlocked 4 (including the default) from the same chat i unlocked the other 3 but its still on that slide so its not on the bio page. I covered them up bc i haven’t gotten permission to share them yet but i left the bottom unobscured so you know i’m not just lying lol

So yeah, @irenicusmw , Kiku-sama doesn’t have any to unlock. sorry bro.


:weary: damn ok thanks bro

Ok so does that mean, on a character with 3 images, there’s actually only 2? or are there 3?

i believe so, but i’m not certain. the first picture is always the thumbnaill, so in the pic i provided i actually whited out the thumbnail by mistake lol. in the case you provided you’d unlock the first picture (which is the thumbnail) as soon as the picture changes to be something else, then you’d unlock the second when it changes from the picture you’re unlocking.


Of course you can share, the images are for illustration purposes only

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Also, after having looked over Margaret’s art, I gotta say I’m all kinds of hyped. I think it would be lovely if you did this > < lady next!! I absolutely love the plague doctor aesthetic and it opens the idea to strange and curious cures that may make you fatter or inflate you or stuff like that <3

Or, from the kind of characters you’ve published, I can tell youd like the ladies to be doing something instead of you, so what iffff she used squashing as a medicine? Using her heavy body to squish all the demons out of you xP only naturally, she’d be more than willing to grow larger by any means necessary to improve the… effectiveness of her… “tools” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I can make a character out of this

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Perfect! Here’s everything i got so far:

Magdalena Images


Close up

rear shot

Beast form? description mentions “in situations of great stress or in case of rebellion, Magdalena can become a literal beast of rage” So im assuming thats what this is supposed to be but i don’t know if its programed correctly because this form is never described or brought up even when I instigated and probed repeatedly trying to get a reaction. images just appeared when she got a little annoyed with me and thats basically it

Theres one more image i haven’t been able to get yet, and since i already unlocked the thumbnail it must be something new, right? idk. @Bbw_maker_Brasil if you can confirm this it’d be really helpful. Thanks!

Beatrice Images

It shows two images are available, and i have the close up and slot i haven’t unlocked yet, which im guessing is the thumbnail but i’m not sure lol

Zafira Images

Got the thumbnail and a bust shot. Like with Beatrice, It shows 2 images slots, one i unlocked, the other is empty, so i’m guessing its the thumbnail, but i don’t know.

Chikara Has 3 slots but i haven’t tried her yet, Hachishaku-sama also has 3, Kiku-sama has 1 (probs the thumbnail like all other 1 image bots) Kawaame has 4, which is cool, but i haven’t interacted with these three yet but will post my findings if/when i get around to it. Magdalena has 6 total, which is why (in conjunction with the prompt being interesting) I tried it first.

As for advice to unlocking them yourself, just play along with the RP, try not to edit messages much as it throws them off, don’t constantly reroll and just let the bot go on its own route. Play your part, let them play theirs, and don’t try and engineer the conversation to a certain way that falls outside what you’d expect for the character given the tones set in the prompt. not saying you shouldn’t do those but the triggers for the images (by my estimate) are triggered by character related events (such as Magdalena getting mag at disobedience or prison break attempts and having that trigger her alt form. If you gaslight the bot into thinking you run an air bnb in the Tuscan countryside I don’t think it will trip the flags or whatever that give you the special backgrounds, y’know?) This advice goes for ALL chatbots that have alt images. It can be super fun taking a bot in your own direction and seeing how they adapt over time, but most will lose their original prompt and programming due to bad memory.

To my understanding, chatbots will look back at the previous messages, but will only go so far back depending on the language model and a bunch of other shit that i don’t have enough background experience to be able to know for certain, but if you talk to them long enough they’ll just start forgetting things you tell them or even stuff from their prompt because they’re basing their responses on the most recent messages, not something from like, 80+ messages ago.

Answering your question, yes, there is still an image of Magdalena in the form of a monster that you haven’t seen yet

Apparently the thumbnail images are not being shown to you, which is quite strange since they are the only ones that appear to me.

When creating a chat bot, it gives the option of adding images with actions or feelings, like an image for when he smiles, another for when he cries, etc… You can’t put them in very complex actions due to limitations of the app. , I’ll put a screenshot of how it works on the website using Magdalena as an example

I think we can improve this by messing with the character’s information, but it’s something I still have to test.