Souls of Gluttony 1.1.0 version Released

The end you mentioned is bound to Ivor. If you made Ivor immobile, the end will trigger in a few days

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Just make your way to the library on the very first day and you will meet the poor unfortunate soul of that crystal spot :3, other than that I believe the Liao ending and the one after you eat his gifts are the same ending (and already existed before) so I think the added ending should be a “End 4”, it’s a “special” ending after all :stuck_out_tongue:

I am absolutely amazed at how much the game has improved since last release!
There are a few things that need to be corrected, such as items not being taken from the inventory and other stuff, but I found a particularly nasty bug that prevents you from doing Zal’s questline entirely. Apparently, you need to have both the “sack of gold” and “sack of coins” in your inventory to be able to start the raffle event, despite the fact that only the sack of gold is needed and taken from inventory. If you give the “sack of coins” back to Lauren to progress Cedric’s questline and get the Enchanted Shield before initiating the raffle event, then you’re softlocked out of his content for the rest of the game, and you’d need to restart.
Hopefully this can be patched? So far the only correlation I found is that of the “sack of coins” needing to be in Theo’s inventory, nothing else seems to matter so far.

Absolutely wow, I couldnt wait for the update and knew it would be great. But this blew my expectations out of the water, you made great improvements in soo many areas and I am excited to play this all the way through again.

Keep up the great work and i cant wait to see the next stage of this game!


Lovely game, got all endings + boys, and may i say it’s pretty satisfying specially the artstyle props!, But there’s still a question…in one part of troy’s little castle if you interact with one of the locked bars there will be a dialogue of requiring a Key and theo’s old sprite popping up i think it wasnt intented and where’s said key?

Well the Art work is amazing (I am not even in to Male Weight gain But this is VERY GOOD) and I do like that this feel like a puzzle having to find were to go and which way is right way to move to the next person but this game needs a hint NPC because I get stuck and it take me way to long to find the thing to do.

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Amazing game as usual! One question. It doesn’t seems the atlas or maps you made were used much. Does this mean the game will be expanded out more to where you can travel to new towns and meet more cute boys?

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> In the Lotus Caverns and trying to get up the vines, I snapped the vines, trying to figure out if there is a way to continue from there. I got the broken artifact, it feels like maybe it needs to be used somewhere to get too heavy? Or perhaps I can’t continue this story on this run?

I’m guessing you are at max weight before you become immobile? I did it at the lower weight and managed to get up the vines, so I’m guessing you are currently too heavy.

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am stuck on finding the new ending. please help.