Souls of Gluttony 1.1.0 version Released

If I remember right, I think you gotta get fat enough to end up stuck in it. Eat food from the guy in the woods 3 times, then try to go back to the demon realm through the mirror. So you’ll need to have three souls by then, I think.

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I’m very curious to know where can I get money to continue with zal route

So basically i downloaded the Pc build again because i felt like re-visiting the boys, but i stumbled up upon this error text, i dont know if it’s happening exclusively with me or if it’s when you download the said version again.

Use the old version of joiplay

Some characters that are probably going to show up in the coming update.



Can’t wait, your game is so good!:blush::blush::blush:

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Didn’t know a new update would see the day, I’m really hyped !


This is going to be a fun update because I get to fatten a wolf.


A new update heck yeah! Looking forward to more fattening characters! Hopefully, it also fixes the bugs introduced in this version that made certain characters impossible to fatten up! x3


Who were they ? I didn’t remember any of those unfattenable

A sad guy enters the inn that requires you to make him the lottery winner but due to a bug introduced they would disappear randomly so you could not complete them.

Idk if there’s a bug when u try, but there’s a way…

you just need to talk to the waitress and get back to talk to him as far as I can remember

i cant wait for the update =)

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Hello, how can I feed Ivor in the game, can someone help me do it please?