Starbound Big Fatties Biome Expansion

Just an idea that has been floating around in my head since I played Dispatch’s incredible Big Fatties mod for Starbound which can be found here. Since I saw the liquids and the funny-looking lard golem, it planted the idea of a lucid, food-themed biome in my head.

It’d be kind of like Candy Land in a sense but a wider palette on other foodstuffs (generally the ones that wouldn’t be considered healthy), populated by mobs such as the lard golem and possibly other food-themed mobs. Perhaps burger-shaped hills and structures made of gingerbread, with rivers running with chocolate. Perhaps ice cream trees as well?

I have no experience in pixel art or coding, but i’m more than happy to contribute concept art as an amateur sketch artist if anyone wants to pick up this idea. Also, if the original mod creator wants to pick this up, by all means you’re free to do so.


I love the idea. I also want a spot where a feedee’s enemy with forced feed guns or people who become blobs and managed by immobile people,
a vending machine for fattening kits, etc. I live in the basement because I can not live on the ground wave too sweet Setting.
On the ground are people with fattening desires and those who can not move as blobs.