Starbound Big Fatties: Body Templates

With the update getting ever so slowly closer and closer to realization. I figured I’d share a folder of the sprites in their current state. For those curious, and more importantly, for anyone to get a head start on making any mod race they wish to fatten be compatible with the next update.

And every week, another vanilla race will be added to the templates folder.

The Templates Folder Link is here


If you’re at all curious about creating compatibility with one of your favorite modded races in starbound.
Follow these simple steps.

The currently provided folders act as if they’re in a mods folder. So the path of
should be how starbound will recognize it.
Take the template folder and rename the contents that contain “template” to whatever the species name is. Preferably their internal name.
You will also need to do this for the chest and legs files and will need something like notepad++ to change the contents of the folder to rename what’s needed.

Any of the other armors you don’t need or rename should be removed. They are currently provided as a resource only, and trying to keep the copies to make a mod will result in crashing from duplicates.

When everything is renamed, be sure to have a comparison of what sprites you need to make match.
You will likely need to unpack the pak files of the race mods in question to get a look, if you need a guide for unpacking pak files use the link.

The sprites the race mod used should be located in “[modname]/humanoid/[modrace]”
and it is important to match the colors of the weightstages with that of the modded race
Due to how starbound gives colors to species, whatever colors the mod creator used needs to be exact, or else they’ll show up in game as that color and nothing else.
The complexity of the amount of work required to make the various sprites match up with vary.

If the various sprites meet your satisfaction, the last step is to take a look in the scripts folder and use something like notepad++ to alter the patch file provided.
Like with the folder before, rename the internal content of template to the internal races name you wish to have the mod work for.
Any mod race will be unable to gain weight or access most features without being added to the compatibility list.

So long as nothing was overlooked, that should be all you need to make any modded race compatible.

Modded Races List

In a process of helping to identify potential races that are on the board for “some official” support. Or identifying those that would wish to have nothing to do with this mod. I will also be asking mod creators how okay they are with compatibility. Outlining potential mods that could become officially supported like the Avali. And which I’d recommend to stay away from to respect the creators wishes.
If you’d like to contribute to anyone of these options with the template sprites provided and see them added into the main mod, you’re more than welcome to.

Races that are okay to fatten :

  • Omeruin: Angels, Nebulac, De’nelaun, False Harpies
  • Elithian Races: Avikan, Aegi, Akkimari
  • Sva(Arcana): Arcanians
  • Lemon Drops(Maple32): Nuu
  • Sir Bumbleton: Shoggoths(And Mindflayers)
  • PixelFlame: NostOS
  • Juni: Neki
  • Peglaci Rebirth Team: Peglaci
  • Cyan Sky Knight: Saturnians, Kyterrans, Scyphojel Window
  • Novashrimp: Fragments of Ruin

Races that should never be fattened :

  • Omeruin: Fiend Race
  • Tylan: Orcana

That looks great, it’s a shame that devs themselves don’t put in as much effort as you do


they look b e a u t i f u l
barely can wait for the upate


That’s a pretty impressive thing to claim that “every week, another vanilla race will be added to the templates folder.” How do you plan to achieve this consistently?

What race is it that you use? Just a little curious.

If you’re referring to the image that displays all the sizes and variations. It’s Human.

I am, thank you for answering.

I have one question though, how did you get the skin color so pale?

This is great. Is the body files for the glitch on their way?

Likely in a week or two. Or three.

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As long as it’s on its way, I can wait. Thank you. Are these sprites for Granular WG

And is there any mod this is not compatible with

did someone made or make a protogen race support with this?
if u have one that uses this pls reply to this of the link to download it pls

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Would this template allow us to add busty or hyper sprites for the blob and immobile stages?

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