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There’s a game called Starbound

A procedurally generated sandbox game in a sci-fi setting with various playable races where the fun is in your hands as you explore.

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  • Big Fatties is a mod that forces fats of various sizes and weight gain. Watch your belly swell as you eat, food or others. Or subject the npcs of the various worlds to it instead. All while trying to mesh with the existing gameplay loop, perhaps enhancing it.

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I just made an account to log onto the forums in order to reply to topics and send DMs. However the interface in this website is mildly confusing and I can’t seem to figure out how to send private messages to request a discord invite. Is it an obscure button that’s actually at the bottom of the page, or is it a feature that’s granted to regulars that have had an account long enough to be Trusted?

Thank you!

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To send a message to a user, you can click on their name and then click the Message button that appears. You must be at Trust Level 1 - Basic to be able to do this.

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Thank you for the mod. I appreciate your efforts on it thus far. I especially like how vore is tied in with it. It is hilarious being able to go in and devour everyone.
I feel disappointed when there are so many hoops needed to access the discord server or ask a question about this mod. I wanted to verify if it is some glitch or something wrong on my part when the Avali Blob sprite clips through everything. Every other phase is fine but when it gets up to the blob then it just clips through the floor of the ship and the moon I’m on.
In order to not break the immersion with me, I’m going to have to just go on with the vore side of it and turn off the weight gain. Sad day.