Starbound Big Fatties: Bug Reports

Opening up a place for feedback to be appreciated on anything that can go wrong with this mod as it progresses to keep things clear. This can also open up to more, unstable releases of the mod as it reaches closer to completing updates if people are interested, and aware of the consequences of a potentially unfinished update.


The digestion tonics don’t seem to be working in the newest update

When the NPCs use the feeding tube furniture they don’t seem to gain weight stages.

I haven’t even been able to get NPCs to use it. Treadmill doesn’t seem to do a whole lot in terms of affecting weight either.

So I did some further testing and it looks like NPCs can gain weight from the feeding tube but only if they have been effected by one of the other weight gain tools in this mod. (i.e. the cursed altar or one of the squirt guns.) @GollyGeeWillikers Each feeding tube has a variant that works on NPCs which is listed it the item’s description. as for actually getting them to use it, the best way I’ve found is to place one in a populated area and wait.

I know about the variants, I placed the correct one, though they didn’t seem to react to it any more than the regular version.

Not so much a bug but I just thought I’d say. Merchant’s can’t be fattened at all. I guess it has to do with the fact that they’re made to already have a backpack on by default, not sure.


i’ve got the NPC compatible Feeding Tubes and when I had a couple crew members they were working fine. However, after I recruited a sizeable amount of crew members they have stopped using the feeding tubes. They constantly try to use them but only get on for like a second before they seem to be forced off. Any idea what could be causing this? The feeding tubes are placed on my ship.

That’s just a crew member thing. It can happen with any furniture they can interact with.

oof well i guess i’ll just have to deal with it then. thanks for the reply

well with this update the fatoid.config is not working

The fatoid file, and by extension, the fatty novakid race. Has been an abandoned thing for a long time now. There’s no real reason to ever continue working on it as it’s classified as a failure.

ok but from I seen when that file fails the mod fails

As in it’s actively crashing for you? That shouldn’t be the case at all. Did the download of the mod corrupt in any way or not finish?

not that I know of but when it happens the armors don’t load

Okay you may have to start over. What is the problem exactly? The fatoid file is for the fattynovakid race, which is gonna be scrapped eventually for being a failed attempt. If armor is not showing up for you, it likely means pngs are missing from the game, and you’d have to redownload the mod.

I did 3 times and it does the same thing

What did you do three times?

redownload it and try to run it

Okay so if armor is not showing up for you, why do you assume it’s the fault of the fatoid file?