Starbound Big Fatties Mod 24/7 Server

Hello there. This is a sub thread dedicated to 24/7 server for Big Fatties mod.

To join you require:
Latest steam version of the game.
Big Fatties:

Mod Fatties: Dropbox - ModFatties - Simplify your life

Mod Fatties races:

Mod fatties Lyceen:

Big Fatties - Expanding clothes


Mech Overhaul:

Mech deployment beacons:

Download from steam workshop:
Lyceen + humanoid Lyceen
The mod list will be updated, since people request more races.
All of these mods could be found in SteamWorkshop and in this thread (Starbound Mod: Big Fatties - #416 by Spreeuzaki)

I highly recommend you to NOT install any other mods (including item spawn mods etc).

Do not forget to turn on “Assets mismatch” in your game settings.

Server IP:
Port: 21025

Server restarts every 12 hours.

Have fun!


If you’re still around, I lost my teleporter checkpoint to the city.

What do you mean by it resets?

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Could you hop on real quick like?
I’d like to hang out in the city whilst I work.

It restarts, not resets. Every 12 hours server restarts in order to backup files etc.
You won’t lose progress.

Updated Lyceen here!

Would having Frackin Universe interfere with this?

Yes, it would crash.
I have FU version of this server ready, but a lot of people prefer vanilla.
You can simply copy your star bound folder and download clean version to join.

I might try that eventually.

Does it have to be xbawks specifically? I have a different extender.

It doesn’t have to be xbawks, I use a diffirent one and I can play fine.

i suppose we’ll require character data/questline stuff to be posted here. Yell if/when you return, if you were on the server during the purple crystal/echrius nonsense.

It may be prudent to add the most baseline of avali mod content, seeing as the sprites already exist in the base mod, though only the fatty/near-blob spritesheet is done. (though that may be grounds for it’s omission)

I’ll rifle through my mod collection and see what’s good.

  1. I don’t seem to grab a hold of what do you want.
  2. Strange. Cloaker was playing as Avali and his sprites seemed fine.
  3. Sure, just send them in .pak, it is essential for server’s CPU.

1: Pardon? I was just seeing as to the state of given players, given that everybody has to deal with that fairly long intro shtick.
2: That’s not what I mean. Only one set of the avali sprites are finished in the ‘big fatties’ core mod.
3: Pardon? Not familiar with the PAK thing.

Basic mod suggestions:
Additional planets (tentacle, magnet, radioactive, crystal, gas giants/skylands)
QoL (ores for asteroids vanilla, more planet info, Atmosphere Plus WITH Diverse Weather, Radiant Worlds)
Additional micro/mini dungeons for worldgens.

I normally would prod at the Elithian/FU mods, but they do tend to add a lot of bloat (amusingly given the server, though.), Seeing as it’s a multiplayer though, much of FU’s grindy/sloggish start should be able to be somewhat rectified by being multiplayer.

This said, FU (maybe opt for FR instead, early starbound was intended to have variations between races aside from just cosmetics) is probably best to keep off the table. It’s a complete overhaul so it would be something else entirely. Elithian’s not too bad in comparison though.

Might be worth assessment on a case-by-case basis.
Some of the quandaries posed by some of the above mods are offset by the EPP given early on from fatmod.

  1. You can simply skip it and get ship repair tech from our public chest for new players, near the spawnpoint.

  2. Send me a full version and I’ll install it.

  3. Tutorial - How to successfully pack and unpack .pak files | Chucklefish Forums

I already have FU version of this server, but:

  1. Starbound netcode sucks, even with 10 GB RAM server will struggle to run all these mods when there more than 10 people.
  2. When I asked about FU version people preferred vanilla over it.

yeah, FU is a mixed bag.

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Hi there, been a long time lurker but am finally wanting to get into chatting with the community to some degree and also maybe join in on this server that has been put up for this super cute and delightful mod for this game.

I would very much like to join, but i feel that there could be just a few more mods here and there that might make this server that much more enjoyable. These are mods that you can find easily on steam and download and see if they will play nice with the server. Ill list the ones i use here and a bit of a short reason why i think they might be a nice addition.

Note: None of these mods change the base game too drastically i believe. They mostly are here to provide a different option of play for the people on the server.

In any case lets start this list off shall we:

This first one is called Mech Overhaul:

Have you ever wanted to use your mech for longer periods of time to get your big butt around without having to resort to mods that feel like you are cheating? Well this mod is a nice middle ground for those that want the convenience of having a lot more mobility at larger sizes while also having a little extra challenge of getting fuel to power it for longer periods. Most things that you would consider to be fuel can be used to help fuel your mech.

The next one is called Better Ships:

Have you ever liked the design of your base races ship, but for some reason you could never find a way to get your big blobby body around easily enough on your own ship with those door dividers in place? This mod allows you to break and make certain walls around your ship to make bigger entrance ways to allow your big blobby body to move around much easier. You also have the added option of crafting new walls to place around where you wish.

Note: This mod will probably require others of the same name for the different races that will be involved in the server so as to change and add the new wall items for the specified race.

BYOS-Build Your Own Ship:

Now you may be wondering to yourself why are there two different mods listed here that tamper with your ship, wouldn’t these two mods conflict with each other? Strangely enough no. This mod i present to everyone as a means to be a little bit more creative when it comes to the ship that they want to have. The nice thing about this mod is that it does not change the starting ship until you find the quest giver and finish their small quest line. This is mostly for those that want a little bit more creative freedom when it comes to the design of their ship.

Buy Mech Crafting Stations:

Have you ever wanted to be able to make mechs in the comfort of your very own spaceship/home? Well now you can with your very own Mech Crafting Stations! Purchasable from your local Outpost Tech Lab.

Craftable Salvage Parts:

Craftable Mech Blueprints:

Mech Random Blueprint Fix:

Have you ever been playing starbound and wondered to yourself that it takes so long just to be able to get any of the parts necessary to be able to get the mech i want? Well with the help of these mods it makes it much easier without it being so easy that it would just outright give you the parts you need. You still have to go out and mine the raw components you need to make the parts and blueprints, but it actually gives you the exact part you need without the needless hassle of hoping you get the correct blueprint this time.
Note: the random blueprint fix is not a guarantee of a new one, it just makes the chance much higher to get a new one you have not received before

Mech Deployment Beacons:

Have you ever gone to a planet and either wanted to call your mech from your ship because you forgot to come down in it, or you lost your mech do to some unforeseen circumstance that befell your beloved mobility unit? Well look no further than the Mech Deployment Beacon. With this handy contraption you have the capability to call down your mech onto the planet to your new base by re configuring the landing zone coordinates of your mech. Now from the comfort of your underground bunker base, you need not worry about having to haul your blubbery butt all the way to the surface to go back to your ship and come back down in your repaired mech.

Ship Crops From Anywhere:

This mod simply allows you to place the Terramart Shipments anywhere it would not be normally allowed to be placed. This is for all those players who want to make a large farm on their very own ships/stations to have their crops shipped out across the galaxy, but cant due to this not being able to be jettisoned out one of the airlocks of said ship/station.

And thats it that is my relatively small list of mods that i use that i think you all should consider looking into to make the server ever so slightly better. Im sorry for the long post guys, I just really like this mod and i feel that this stuff is just really nice to have as options for your character so that way you can still explore most of the galaxy while being at the still mobile blobby state. I hope you guys will maybe consider some of these mods and i will cya in the stars =)


SSVM could work maybe

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Mech overhaul:
Will be added
Mech deployment beacon: will be added

Better ships and BYOS:
May conflict with some races, needs testing, it will work for you without server installation.

Buy mech crafting station, craftable salvage parts, craftable mechblueprints, random blueprint fix
Use /spawnitem command, I really would like to install them, but I find it unnecessary to use the precious servers RAM for these. Also, crafting mods work without server-side installation as long as they spawn vanilla items, so it won’t hurt your experience and won’t make server burn.

Allowed by default.

It was not updated almost 3 years, is it working? If yes - let me know and I’ll think what I can do to package it for server.