Starbound Big Fatties - Modded Race Support (w/ Granular Versions)


Have you ever started up a Big Fatties playthrough with a modded race, only to realize the mod doesn’t work with it? Or even used Mod Fatties Races, but your favourite race isn’t there or you’re using granular? Well, this is the mod for you!

The Big Fatties Modded Race Support mod (simply the BF Race mod for short) adds support for various races to work with Big Fatties, and has versions compatible with the Granular addon!

Under each mod download there will be a list of the races supported, alongside links to the races so you always know exactly what race is supported. This is extremely helpful for races with common names such as Slime or Neko.

Keep in mind that I’m one person. Updates will probably take a while. If you want a specific race, reply to this topic and I’ll see what I can do.

To do list

General mod things
Find spriters to help with the harder more complicated sprites

To-do races
Toon Race (Being worked on by me)

0.0.1 (Release)
This is where you download the mod, with the version shown above.
Big Fatties - Modded Race (170.7 KB)

Supported races



  • Orcana (Blob and Titantic size not finished)

I know mod fatties races covers alot of the base line fracking universe races already, along with a few others, but they don’t have any support for the granular WG mod at all, and that’s something I would like too see

that’s one of the reasons I’m making this mod, mod fatties races granular just, is an empty .pak file mostly. i want there to be a way to actually play with modded races and granular.

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More power to you then, may I request support for the saturnians?

i’ll put it on the to-do list, I’m not a very good spriter so I’m working on the really easy popular ones firsr, like Ningen, Neko, Draconis, etc (they’re similar to humans)

I would offer my services but sheeting gives me serious brain drain

If I may, I have two races that I would like to include:

Tails Race:

Braxien Race Fired Up:

Actually tell you what, if I have nothing better todo, and my if other projects im working on aren’t very demanding I might do the Saturnian sheets and just give them to you, doing x sheet but bigger or smaller depending shouldn’t be very hard todo, its just tedious, though the huge and titanic sheets are going to be hell on earth

alright cool, i’ll keep it on the to-do list in the meantime though, in case someone else wants to try their hand at it

alright, i have a set release date. kind of. it’s in the next few days. (probably during the weekend)

i’ve been spriting for a custom race for a few days now in my freetime, and the mod will probably release with around 4 races, I think.

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What custom race are you spriting?

the orcana, whale race. it’s fitting cause, whale, yknow


When I click on the supported races, it just shows “[List of races]” instead of an actual list

yeah, the mod isn’t out yet. check the to-do list for races that will probably be in the mod, which i’m 80% will come out later tonight or tomorrow.

alright, it’s out! not many races yet but I’m already working on looking for some others that are in my range of spriting.


Thank you for the mod!

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A suggestion: how about Lyru support?

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Could I also suggest a race? The Toon/ Technitoon race.

Its pretty rad you’re doing this by the way!

@Electric_Communist_C i’ll see what I can do, some races are really complicated and require expert spriting but I can’t tell with these until I download it

@NervousToBeHere the toon race totally seems possible, I’ll get to work on it for 0.0.2 (hopefully)

edit: turns out. the toon race is one of the most complicated races i’ve seen. it has like 6 colours which would take forever and a lot of skill. ouch.
the lyru is milder but not in my skill level. maybe someone else could try their hand at spriting them but lord knows I can’t.

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The Lyru race’s design has roots with the Avali race, maybe you could use the already existing Avali BF sprites as a base?